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Ross, Stuart - Crime, Victims and Policy, e-kirja

Crime, Victims and Policy

Ross, Stuart


Care Bears and Crime-Fighters: Police Operational Styles and Victims of Crime
Dean Wilson, Marie Segrave
8. Victim Impact Statements, Sentencing and Contemporary Standards of Fairness in the Courtroom
Tracey Booth
9. Satisfied? Exploring Victims’

Printz, Daniel - Sand Pail City, e-kirja

Sand Pail City

Printz, Daniel

Alk. 2,20€

Things begin to unravel fast when Dusty Johnson moves into town, immediately getting the attention of a few locals who can see that the young man bears a strong resemblance to Bill Holly, a fisherman and community leader who was tragically killed when his boat mysteriously

Redding, Jacob - Beginning Drupal, e-kirja

Beginning Drupal

Redding, Jacob


As an open source framework and content management system, Drupal bears a reputation of having a steep learning curve Demystifies key areas of Drupal and shortens the learning curve for even the most novice beginner Features a sample database, code, and lessons that

 - Photographing New York City Digital Field Guide, e-kirja

Photographing New York City Digital Field Guide


Bemused bears watch you at the Bronx Zoo, while shopkeepers clamor for your attention in Chinatown. Photograph the million moods and moments of New York City with the help of this portable guide. It offers descriptions of the best sites, camera settings, tips on when