Haku "Electric Power Systems"

Gieras, Jacek F. - Advancements in Electric Machines, e-kirja

Advancements in Electric Machines

Gieras, Jacek F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jacek F. Gieras
2. Material engineering
Jacek F. Gieras
3. High power density machines
Jacek F. Gieras
4. High speed machines
Jacek F. Gieras
5. Other types of novel motors
Jacek F. Gieras
6. Electric motors for medical and clinical applications

Liu, Wei - Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Modeling and Control, e-kirja

Hybrid Electric Vehicle System Modeling and Control

Liu, Wei


adds a new section presenting the modelling of multi-mode electrically variable transmission, which gradually became the main structure of the hybrid power-train during the last 5 years. newly added chapter on noise and vibration of hybrid vehicles introduces the basics

Delille, Gauthier - Energy Storage in Electric Power Grids, e-kirja

Energy Storage in Electric Power Grids

Delille, Gauthier


This book deals with the management and valuation of energy storage in electric power grids, highlighting the interest of storage systems in grid applications and developing management methodologies based on artificial