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Almusaed, Amjad - Biophilic and Bioclimatic Architecture, e-kirja

Biophilic and Bioclimatic Architecture

Almusaed, Amjad


Table of contents
1. Overview
Amjad Almusaed
2. Architectural Hypothesis
Amjad Almusaed
3. Architectural Theory
Amjad Almusaed
4. Biophilic Architecture Hypothesis
Amjad Almusaed
5. Introduction on Plants and Vegetations
Amjad Almusaed
6. Introduction on Growing Media (Soil)

McElhaney, Joe - A Companion to Fritz Lang, e-kirja

A Companion to Fritz Lang

McElhaney, Joe


This collection of critical essays offers an unrivalled andup-to-the-minute assessment of the prolific and resilient life andvision of one of cinema’s greatest auteurs.The first edited collection of essays on Fritz Lang’sbody of work in over…

Coombes, Eric - What is Wrong with Us?, e-kirja

What is Wrong with Us?

Coombes, Eric


Can any of us entirely banish from our hearts and minds grave misgivings about the condition of the culture we now inhabit? Expressions of those misgivings are mostly unheard in public forums, ignored in the dominant media, and, if noticed at all, dismissed by state-supported bureaucracies

Ceccarelli, Marco - New Activities For Cultural Heritage, e-kirja

New Activities For Cultural Heritage

Ceccarelli, Marco


Table of contents
1. On the History of the Theory of Plough
Vera Chinenova
2. The Plumb Board in the Missing Panel: A New Key for Understanding the Renaissance Symbolism in the Gubbio Studiolo
Vincenzo Ambrogi, Pier Gabriele Molari
3. Designing and Prototyping Reconstruction of Musician Automata

Kendrick, James - A Companion to the Action Film, e-kirja

A Companion to the Action Film

Kendrick, James


A Companion to the Action Film offers original research and critical analysis that examines the iconic characteristics of the genre, its visual aesthetics, and its narrative traits; considers the impact of major directors and stars on the genre’s evolution; puts the action film in dialogue with various

Male, Alan - A Companion to Illustration: Art and Theory, e-kirja

A Companion to Illustration: Art and Theory

Male, Alan


  Evaluates innovative theoretical and contextual teaching and learning strategies Considers the influence of illustration through cognition, research and cultural hypotheses Discusses the illustrator as author, intellectual and multi-disciplinarian Explores state-of-the-art research and contemporary

Harris, Jonathan - The Global Contemporary Art World, e-kirja

The Global Contemporary Art World

Harris, Jonathan


The author analyzes the financial powerhouse of Art Basel Hong Kong, new media art in South Korea, the place of the Kochi Biennale within contemporary art in India, transnational art and art education in China, and the geo-politics of art patronage in Palestine, and

Brandt, Robert - Design Informed: Driving Innovation with Evidence-Based Design, e-kirja

Design Informed: Driving Innovation with Evidence-Based Design

Brandt, Robert


A guide for all designers who want to earn their place as their clients' trusted advisor and who aspire to create places of beauty and purpose, the book demonstrates:
An approach to applying evidence to design that neither turns designers into scientists nor requires large-firm resources