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Mangano, Dario - Semiotics of Animals in Culture, e-kirja

Semiotics of Animals in Culture

Mangano, Dario


Of Men, Dogs and Bears: Communication in the Wilderness
Tarcisio Lancioni
12. The Mixed Category Human-Animal in New Anthropology and in the Arts
Tiziana Migliore
13. The “Morally Abandoned Child” and the “Inner Savage”
Pierluigi Cervelli

Thompson, Roger W - Eye of Athina, e-kirja

Eye of Athina

Thompson, Roger W


Born in Athens she bears the rare intense eyes that modern Athenian women associate with those of the goddess Athina. As the action unfolds she realises that a special bond with that mythical figure has existed all her life. A chance meeting with a man from her youth

Amin, Ash - Seeing Like a City, e-kirja

Seeing Like a City

Amin, Ash


The increasing evidence for an Anthropocene bears out the way in which humanity has stamped its footprint on the planet by constructing urban forms that act as systems for directing life in ways that create both immense power and immense constraint.

Cesare, Donatella Di - Terror and Modernity, e-kirja

Terror and Modernity

Cesare, Donatella Di


We are inclined to see terrorist attacks as an aberration, a violent incursion into our lives that bears no intrinsic relation to the fundamental features of modern societies. But does this view misconstrue the relationship between terror and modernity?  
In this book, philosopher