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Dawes, Adam - Windows Mobile Game Development, e-kirja

Windows Mobile Game Development

Dawes, Adam


Table of contents
Part 1. Windows Mobile Development
1. Windows Mobile and .NET
Adam Dawes
2. Mastering the User Interface
Adam Dawes
Part 2. Creating Games
3. GDI Graphics
Adam Dawes
4. Taming the Device with the Game Engine
Adam Dawes
5. Timing to Perfection
Adam Dawes
6. Exploring

Hamer, Carol - Learn Blackberry Games Development, e-kirja

Learn Blackberry Games Development

Hamer, Carol


Table of contents
1. Gaming on BlackBerry
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
2. BlackBerry Application Basics
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
3. Game Graphics and Events with MIDP and RIM Classes
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
4. Adding a Professional Look and Feel
Carol Hamer, Andrew Davison
5. Security

Chen, Huaming - Building a 2D Game Physics Engine, e-kirja

Building a 2D Game Physics Engine

Chen, Huaming


Introduction to 2D Game Physics Engine Development
Michael Tanaya, Huaming Chen, Jebediah Pavleas, Kelvin Sung
2. Implementing the 2D Physics Engine Core
Michael Tanaya, Huaming Chen, Jebediah Pavleas, Kelvin Sung
3. Incorporating Collision Detection

Varma, Jayant - Learn Lua for iOS Game Development, e-kirja

Learn Lua for iOS Game Development

Varma, Jayant


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Lua
Jayant Varma
2. Lua Libraries
Jayant Varma
3. File Operations
Jayant Varma
4. Math with Lua
Jayant Varma
5. Strings
Jayant Varma
6. Threading
Jayant Varma
7. Tips…

Thorn, Alan - Learn Unity for 2D Game Development, e-kirja

Learn Unity for 2D Game Development

Thorn, Alan


Table of contents
1. Unity Basics for 2D Games
Alan Thorn
2. Materials and Textures
Alan Thorn
3. Quick 2D Workflow
Alan Thorn
4. Customizing the Editor with Editor Classes
Alan Thorn
5. Procedural Geometry and Textured…

Mariani, Ilaria - Location-Based Mobile Games, e-kirja

Location-Based Mobile Games

Mariani, Ilaria


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
2. LBMG in a Nutshell
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
3. Informal Learning Between Design and Play
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
4. The Social Dimension…

Mueller, David - Game Theory in Management Accounting, e-kirja

Game Theory in Management Accounting

Mueller, David


Reflections on the Practical Applicability of Strategic Game Theory to Managerial Incentivation
Jennifer Kunz
3. Optimal Design of Incentive Contracts: Behavioural and Multi-Period Performance Measurement Aspects
Christian Lukas
4. Transfer Prices for

Reid, Steven E. - Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Childhood Games, e-kirja

Game Play: Therapeutic Use of Childhood Games

Reid, Steven E.


The long-awaited revision of the only book on game play available for mental health professionals
Not only is play a pleasurable, naturally occurring behavior found in humans, it is also a driving force in our development. As opposed to the unstructured