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Tonon, Graciela - Quality of Life in Communities of Latin Countries, e-kirja

Quality of Life in Communities of Latin Countries

Tonon, Graciela


Digital Media, Identity and Quality of Life of a Local Ecuadorian Community in Andalusia (SE Spain)
Cristiano Codagnone, Pilar Cruz, Isidro Maya-Jariego
14. Quality of Life of Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Spain
Carmen Rodríguez-Blázquez, Gloria

Heitmeyer, Wilhelm - Control of Violence, e-kirja

Control of Violence

Heitmeyer, Wilhelm


Reading Religious Violence in Terms of Theories of Social Action
Hans G. Kippenberg
7. Religion and Control of Violence
Levent Tezcan
8. Gun Violence and Control in Germany 1880–1911: Scandalizing Gun Violence and Changing Perceptions as Preconditions

Bukoski, William J. - Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention, e-kirja

Handbook of Drug Abuse Prevention

Bukoski, William J.


Effective Mass Media Strategies for Drug Abuse Prevention Campaigns
Philip Palmgreen, Lewis Donohew
3. Drug Abuse Prevention Curricula in Schools
Gilbert J. Botvin, Kenneth W. Griffin
4. Dissemination of Research-Based Family Interventions for the Prevention