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Idrissi, Abdeslem El - Taurine 8, e-kirja

Taurine 8

Idrissi, Abdeslem El


Comparative Evaluation of the Effects of Taurine and Thiotaurine on Alterations of the Cellular Redox Status and Activities of Antioxidant and Glutathione-Related Enzymes by Acetaminophen in the Rat
Miteshkumar Acharya, Cesar A. Lau-Cam
21. Effects of Taurine

Gupta, Vijai Kumar - Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology, e-kirja

Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology

Gupta, Vijai Kumar


Large-Scale Production of Lignocellulolytic Enzymes in Thermophilic Fungi
Manimaran Ayyachamy, Mary Shier, Maria G. Tuohy
47. Panfungal PCR Method for Detection of Aflatoxigenic Molds
Malik M. Ahmad, Pravej Alam, M. Z. Abdin, Saleem Javed
48. Protocols

Kuang, Tingyun - Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future, e-kirja

Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future

Kuang, Tingyun


Unique Central Carbon Metabolic Pathways and Novel Enzymes in Phototrophic Bacteria Revealed by Integrative Genomics, 13C-based Metabolomics and Fluxomics
Kuo-Hsiang Tang, Xueyang Feng, Anindita Bandyopadhyay, Himadri B. Pakrasi, Yinjie J. Tang, Robert E. Blankenship

Mielenz, Jonathan R. - Applied Biochemistry and Biotecnology, e-kirja

Applied Biochemistry and Biotecnology

Mielenz, Jonathan R.


Production of Cellulolytic and Hemicellulolytic Enzymes From Aureobasidium pulluans on Solid State Fermentation
Rodrigo Simões Ribeiro Leite, Daniela Alonso Bocchini, Eduardo Silva Martins, Dênis Silva, Eleni Gomes, Roberto Silva
26. The Effect of Particle

Liu, Hao - Advances in Applied Biotechnology, e-kirja

Advances in Applied Biotechnology

Liu, Hao


Optimization of Processing Parameters of Stabilizers After Enzymes Hydrolysis for Cloudy Ginkgo Juice
Haifeng Yu, Junyan Liu, Jingxi Yang
18. Characterization of Recombinant Dioxygenase from Bacillus thuringiensis
Ning Xue, Zhixiang Li, Lei Zhao,

Allen, John F. - Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun, e-kirja

Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun

Allen, John F.


Light Dependences Of The Co2 Leakiness, Quantum Yield Of Co2 Fixation And Activation State Of Key Enzymes In A C4 Plant, Amaranthus Cruentus, Grown In High- And Low-Light
Youshi Tazoe, Yuko Hanba T., Tsuyoshi Furumoto, Ko Noguchi, Ichiro Terashima
188. An Increase

Smith, Rodney - Cell Technology for Cell Products, e-kirja

Cell Technology for Cell Products

Smith, Rodney


Characterisation of the Induction of Cytochrome p450 Enzymes in Primary Cultures of Human Hepatocytes
T.L. Freeman, A.P. Chadwick, M.S. Lennard, C.M. Martin, R.G. Turcan, D. Blond
11. Effect of Culture Conditions on Glycosylation of Recombinant beta-Interferon

Valle, Susan Del - Peptides for Youth, e-kirja

Peptides for Youth

Valle, Susan Del


Post-Translational Modification and folding of A Lasso-Type Gene-Encoded Antimicrobial Peptide Require Two Enzymes only in Escherichia coli
Sophie Duquesne, Delphine Destoumieux-Garzón, Séverine Zirah, Thomas A. Knappe, Christophe Goulard, Jean