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Woolf, Virginia - A Room of One's Own, e-kirja

A Room of One's Own

Woolf, Virginia


Features a comprehensive introduction detailing the process and composition of Woolf’s original essay and the evolution of its subsequent publication history The first comprehensive and authoritative edition of this foundational text of the feminist movement, and

Cottenet, Cécile - Race, Ethnicity and Publishing in America, e-kirja

Race, Ethnicity and Publishing in America

Cottenet, Cécile


Early African American Historians: A Book History and Historiography Approach — The Case of William Cooper Nell (1816–1874)
Claire Parfait
3. The Publication and Reception of The Southern Negro and the Public Library

Aidoo, Lamonte - Emerging Dialogues on Machado de Assis, e-kirja

Emerging Dialogues on Machado de Assis

Aidoo, Lamonte


Situating Machado de Assis in History, Literature, and Philosophy
2. Machado de Assis: Creator and Character in a Troubled Scene
Lília Moritz Schwarcz
3. Machado de Assis and Realism: A Literary Genealogy
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht
4. Machado de Assis

Emig, Rainer - Performing Masculinity, e-kirja

Performing Masculinity

Emig, Rainer


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rainer Emig, Antony Rowland
2. Touching Byron: Masculinity and the Celebrity Body in the Romantic Period
Diego Saglia
3. Turning into Subjects: The Male Dancer in Romantic Ballet
Gerald Siegmund
4. Industrial Heroes: Elizabeth Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë’s Constructions

Corns, Thomas N. - A New Companion to Milton, e-kirja

A New Companion to Milton

Corns, Thomas N.


Comprises 36 powerful readings of Milton's texts and the contexts in which they were created, each written by a leading scholar Retains 28 of the award-winning essays from the first edition, revised and updated to reflect the most recent research Contains a new section exploring Milton's global impact,

Zacharias, Greg W. - A Companion to Henry James, e-kirja

A Companion to Henry James

Zacharias, Greg W.


Provides an essential, up-to-date reference to the work and scholarship of Henry James Features the writing of a wide range of James scholars Places James’s writings within national contexts—American, English, French, and Italian Offers both an overview of contemporary

Castillo, Debra A. - Theorizing Fieldwork in the Humanities, e-kirja

Theorizing Fieldwork in the Humanities

Castillo, Debra A.


Aesthetics in the Making of History: The Tebhaga Women’s Movement in Bengal
Kavita Panjabi
Part II. Place, Performance, Practices
5. Locating Palestine Within American Studies: Transitory Field Sites and Borrowed Methods

Sawyer, Andy - Teaching Science Fiction, e-kirja

Teaching Science Fiction

Sawyer, Andy


Through Time and Space: A Brief History of Science Fiction
Paul Kincaid
3. Theorizing Science Fiction: The Question of Terminology
Gary K. Wolfe
4. Utopia, Anti-Utopia and Science Fiction
Chris Ferns
5. Teaching the Scientific Romance