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Nash, Meredith - Reading Lena Dunham’s Girls, e-kirja

Reading Lena Dunham’s Girls

Nash, Meredith


Bad Sex and the City? Feminist (Re)Awakenings in HBO’s Girls
Melanie Waters
Part II. Performing and Representing Millennial Identities
7. ‘A Voice of a Generation’: Girls and the Problem of Representation
Hannah McCann
8. HBO’s Girls

Bolton, Lucy - Film and Female Consciousness, e-kirja

Film and Female Consciousness

Bolton, Lucy


‘Frozen in Showcases’: Feminist Film Theory and the Abstraction of Woman
Lucy Bolton
3. The Camera as an Irigarayan Speculum
Lucy Bolton
4. In the Cut: Self-Endangerment or Subjective Strength?
Lucy Bolton
5. Lost in Translation: The Potential

Reilly, Kara - Contemporary Approaches to Adaptation in Theatre, e-kirja

Contemporary Approaches to Adaptation in Theatre

Reilly, Kara


Table of contents
Part I. Company and Directorial Approaches to Adaptation, Introduced by Scott Proudfit
1. Kneehigh’s Retellings
Heather Lilley
2. Collective Creation and ‘Historical Imagination’: Mabou Mines’s Devised Adaptations of History
Jessica Silsby Brater
3. Making Music Visible:

Aston, Elaine - Staging International Feminisms, e-kirja

Staging International Feminisms

Aston, Elaine


Bloody Aprons: Suzan-Lori Parks, Deborah Warner and Feminist Performance in the Age of Globalisation
Elin Diamond
3. Mind Yourself: On Soundwalking, Race and Gender
Karen Shimakawa
4. Globalising Neoliberalism, Travelling Feminisms: Pollesch@Prater