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Haghighi, Aliakbar Montazer - Delayed and Network Queues, e-kirja

Delayed and Network Queues

Haghighi, Aliakbar Montazer


Delayed and Network Queues also features: Numerous examples and exercises with applications in various fields of study such as mathematical sciences, biomathematics, engineering, physics, business, health industry, and economics A wide array of practical applications

Pont, Jean-Pierre Dal - Process Engineering and Industrial Management, e-kirja

Process Engineering and Industrial Management

Pont, Jean-Pierre Dal


Process Engineering, the science and art of transforming raw materials and energy into a vast array of commercial materials, was conceived at the end of the 19th Century. Its history in the role of the Process Industries has been quite honorable, and techniques and products have contributed

Farkas, József - Optimum Design of Steel Structures, e-kirja

Optimum Design of Steel Structures

Farkas, József


Table of contents
1. Experiences with the Optimum Design of Steel Structures
József Farkas, Károly Jármai
2. Newer Mathematical Methods in Structural Optimization
József Farkas, Károly Jármai
3. Cost Calculations

Bruder, Enrico - Manufacturing Integrated Design, e-kirja

Manufacturing Integrated Design

Bruder, Enrico


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Production Technologies and Product Development
V. Monnerjahn, S. Gramlich, P. Groche, M. Roos, C. Wagner, T. Weber Martins
2. The CRC666 Approach: Realizing Optimized Solutions Based on Production Technological…

Brecher, Christian - Integrative Production Technology, e-kirja

Integrative Production Technology

Brecher, Christian


Table of contents
1. Integrative Production Technology—Theory and Applications
Christian Brecher, Denis Özdemir, Anja Ruth Weber
Part I. Individualized Production
2. Direct, Mold-Less Production Systems
Reinhart Poprawe, Wolfgang…