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Meisenberg, Simon M. - The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, e-kirja

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Meisenberg, Simon M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: An Extraordinary Court
Simon M. Meisenberg, Ignaz Stegmiller
Part I. Assessing the History, Establishment, Judicial Independence and Legacy
2. Trials and Tribulations: The Long Quest for Justice for the Cambodian Genocide
Helen Jarvis
3. Allegations of Political Interference,

Rabin, Robert L. - Regulating Tobacco, e-kirja

Regulating Tobacco

Rabin, Robert L.


This collection includes essays by eleven leading public health experts, economists, physicians, political scientists, and lawyers, whose activities encompass Congressional testimonies, Surgeon General's reports on youth smoking, and clinical trials for drugs for smoking

Israël, Liora - Dealing with Wars and Dictatorships, e-kirja

Dealing with Wars and Dictatorships

Israël, Liora


Poor Little Belgium? Belgian Trials of German War Criminals, 1944–1951
Pieter Lagrou
9. From Revolution to Restoration. Transnational Implications of the Greek Purge of Wartime Collaborators
Dimitris Kousouris
10. The Defense in the Dock: Professional

Langton, Jerry - Rage: The True Story of a Sibling Murder, e-kirja

Rage: The True Story of a Sibling Murder

Langton, Jerry


Langton reveals shocking testimony from the trials - one of which was declared a mistrial due to the perjury of a witness - and exposes the twisted lives of youth living in a parallel universe where death is met with complacency.