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Illan, Ivan M. - Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies, e-kirja

Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies

Illan, Ivan M.


Inside, you’ll find out how a financial advisor can be a true fiduciary, how to compete against the growing field of robo-advisors, and how the passive investing trend is actually all about being an active investor.  Additionally, you’ll discover time-tested

Hughes, James E. - The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom, e-kirja

The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom

Hughes, James E.


Beyond the tax saving and wealth management implications, giving to family members opens up a slew of thorny questions, the biggest of which is, "How do I prepare recipients of such large gifts?" With that question and others in mind, Hughes, Massenzio, and Whitaker

Weller, Christian E. - Retirement on the Rocks, e-kirja

Retirement on the Rocks

Weller, Christian E.


Table of contents
1. The Elusive Goal of a Secure Retirement
Christian E. Weller
2. Americans’ Growing Risk Exposure
Christian E. Weller
3. More Risk, Greater Wealth Inequality
Christian E. Weller
4. The Looming Retirement Shipwreck
Christian E. Weller
5. Social Security: The Leaky Lifeboat