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Valdivia, Angharad - A Companion to Media Studies, e-kirja

A Companion to Media Studies

Valdivia, Angharad


A Companion to Media Studies is a comprehensive collection that brings together new writings by an international team to provide an overview of the theories and methodologies that have produced this most interdisciplinary of fields.
Tackles a variety

Poster, Mark - The Second Media Age, e-kirja

The Second Media Age

Poster, Mark


This book examines the implications of new communication technologies in the light of the most recent work in social and cultural theory and argues that new developments in electronic media, such as the Internet and Virtual Reality, justify the designation

Coleman, Stephen - Can the Media Serve Democracy?, e-kirja

Can the Media Serve Democracy?

Coleman, Stephen


Media Systems and Comparative Research
2. The Idea of ‘Systems’ in Media Studies: Criticisms, Risks, Advantages
Paolo Mancini
3. The Fine Art of Comparing Media Systems: Opportunities,

Hartley, John - Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies, e-kirja

Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies

Hartley, John


An ambitious rendering of the digital future from a pioneer of media and cultural studies, a wise and witty take on a changing field, and our orientation to itInvestigates the uses of multimedia by creative and productive citizen-consumers to provide new theories

Durham, Meenakshi Gigi - Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks, e-kirja

Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks

Durham, Meenakshi Gigi


Bringing together a range of core texts into one volume, this acclaimed anthology offers the definitive resource in culture, media, and communication.
A fully revised new edition of the bestselling anthology in this dynamic and
multidisciplinary field.
New contributions include

Luther, Catherine A. - Diversity in U.S. Mass Media, e-kirja

Diversity in U.S. Mass Media

Luther, Catherine A.


Mass Media provides comprehensive coverage of the evolution and issues surrounding portrayals of social groups within the mass media of the United States.Focuses on past and current mass media

Mansell, Robin - The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy, e-kirja

The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy

Mansell, Robin


The Handbook of Global Media and Communication Policy offers insights into the boundaries of this field of study, assesses why it is important, who is affected, and with what political, economic, social and cultural consequences. Provides the most up to date and comprehensive collection