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Weiss, Moritz - Transaction Costs and Security Institutions, e-kirja

Transaction Costs and Security Institutions

Weiss, Moritz


Table of contents
Part I. Preferences, Security Institutions and Transaction Costs in World Politics
1. Introduction
Moritz Weiss
2. Theorising Preference Formation for Institution-Building in European Security
Moritz Weiss
3. Transaction Costs and Security Institutions
Moritz Weiss
Part II. Unravelling

Dobbins, Michael - Higher Education Governance and Policy Change in Western Europe, e-kirja

Higher Education Governance and Policy Change in Western Europe

Dobbins, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Higher Education Governance between Historical Roots and Transnational Convergence Pressures
Michael Dobbins, Christoph Knill
2. Theoretical Framework: National Higher Education Policies between Transnational Communication and Institutional Path-dependence
Michael Dobbins, Christoph

Fox, Jo - Justifying War, e-kirja

Justifying War

Fox, Jo


Advertising and the Public in Britain during the First World War
James Aulich
7. Justifying Chemical Warfare: The Origins and Ethics of Britain’s Chemical Warfare Programme, 1915–1939
Ulf Schmidt
8. Britain’s

Nettlefold, Charles - The Chamberlain Legacy, e-kirja

The Chamberlain Legacy

Nettlefold, Charles


The Chamberlains were the most powerful political dynasty in England between 1876 and 1940 when one or, more usually, two members of the family sat in the Commons, holding between them nearly all the great Offices of State. In recent times, they have sunk into relative obscurity but recent

Adelman, Miriam - Gender and Equestrian Sport, e-kirja

Gender and Equestrian Sport

Adelman, Miriam


From Glamour to Drudgery – Changing Gender Patterns in the Equine Sector: A Comparative Study of Sweden and Great Britain in the Twentieth Century
Susanna Hedenborg, Manon Hedenborg White
3. Beyond the Binary: Gender

Inglis, Fred - Richard Hoggart: Virtue and Reward, e-kirja

Richard Hoggart: Virtue and Reward

Inglis, Fred


His great classic, The Uses of Literacy, provided for thousands of unsung working-class readers a wholly recognisable and tender account of their own coming-to-maturity and of the preciousness and the hardships of the life of the poor in pre-World War II Britain.