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Adams, Jane - Emotional Literacy, e-kirja

Emotional Literacy

Adams, Jane


This resource contains 45 lessons - more than enough for one lesson per week! The lessons each contain detailed teachers' notes, warm up games and activities, questions to ask and ideas about what to expect. Most lessons also include a photocopiable activity. The activities

Pinkney, Robert - NGOs, Africa and the Global Order, e-kirja

NGOs, Africa and the Global Order

Pinkney, Robert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert Pinkney
2. From Mass Society to Post-Industrial Society and from Authoritarianism to Pluralism: The Context of the Rise of NGOs
Robert Pinkney
3. A Third Sector or a Second Preference? What is Distinctive about NGOs?
Robert Pinkney
4. Democracy Without Votes

Kasabov, Edward - Rural Cooperation in Europe, e-kirja

Rural Cooperation in Europe

Kasabov, Edward


Rural Development Policy in the Framework of the Knowledge-based Economy: Selective Impacts and Solutions in the Case of the Czech Republic
Martin Pelucha, Eva Cudlinova, Miloslav Lapka
10. Processes of Cooperation in Rural Areas: Obstacles, Driving Forces,

Akindes, Gerard - Identity and Nation in African Football, e-kirja

Identity and Nation in African Football

Akindes, Gerard


It’s All About the Beautiful Game of Football, or Is It? On Television and Football in North Africa
Ali Ziyati, Gerard Akindes
4. Rooted in History: Politics, Identity, and Ultras in North African Soccer
James M. Dorsey
5. The History and Identity

Gober, Patricia - Building Resilience for Uncertain Water Futures, e-kirja

Building Resilience for Uncertain Water Futures

Gober, Patricia


Why Is Uncertainty a Game Changer for Water Policy and Practice?
Patricia Gober
4. Hidden Vulnerabilities in the Water-Energy-Land-Food (WELF) Nexus
Patricia Gober
5. Meaning, Purpose, and Value of Water
Patricia Gober
6. Decision Making Under

Lemish, Dafna - Children and Media: A Global Perspective, e-kirja

Children and Media: A Global Perspective

Lemish, Dafna


Taking a global and interdisciplinary approach, Children and Media explores the role of modern media, including the internet, television, mobile media and video games, in the development of children, adolescents, and childhood.
Primer to global issues and core research into children

Dessein, Bart - Interpreting China as a Regional and Global Power, e-kirja

Interpreting China as a Regional and Global Power

Dessein, Bart


The Indo-Pacific: The New Great Game between China and the United States
Tanguy Struye Swielande
11. Nationalism, Historical Consciousness and Regional Stability: Rising China as a Regional Power and Its New Assertiveness in the South China Sea
Emile Kok-Kheng