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Danks, David - Building Theories, e-kirja

Building Theories

Danks, David


Building Theories: The Heuristic Way
Emiliano Ippoliti
2. Building Theories: Strategies Not Blueprints
Margaret Morrison
3. Richer Than Reduction
David Danks
4. Theory Building as Problem Solving

Wringe, Bill - An Expressive Theory of Punishment, e-kirja

An Expressive Theory of Punishment

Wringe, Bill


Table of contents
Part I. The Paradigmatic Case
1. Punishment: Some Questions Philosophers Ask
Bill Wringe
2. Punishment, Harsh Treatment and Suffering
Bill Wringe
3. Punishment As Expression: Who? What? To Whom?
Bill Wringe

Zaibert, Leo - The Theory and Practice of Ontology, e-kirja

The Theory and Practice of Ontology

Zaibert, Leo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Leo Zaibert
2. Ontologia Utens and Beings in Time
Peter Simons
3. Against Fantology Again
Ingvar Johansson
4. On Drawing Lines Across the Board
Achille Varzi
5. Social Reality, Law, and Justice
David Koepsell
6. Acts of Terror as Collective Violent

Adkins, Karen - Gossip, Epistemology, and Power, e-kirja

Gossip, Epistemology, and Power

Adkins, Karen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Some Loose Talk About Gossip
Karen Adkins
2. Gossip’s Bad Reputation
Karen Adkins
3. The Word On the Street: Gossip’s Contributions to Knowledge
Karen Adkins
4. Failure to Communicate:…

Müller-Doohm, Stefan - Habermas: A Biography, e-kirja

Habermas: A Biography

Müller-Doohm, Stefan


For here is someone who continually left the protective space of the university in order to assume the role of a participant in controversial public debates Ð from the significance of the Holocaust to the future of Europe Ð and in this way sought to influence the development of social