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Gale, Trevor - Policy and Inequality in Education, e-kirja

Policy and Inequality in Education

Gale, Trevor


Introduction to Policy and Inequality in Education
Stephen Parker, Kalervo N. Gulson, Trevor Gale
2. The Illusion of Meritocracy and the Audacity of Elitism: Expanding the Evaluative Space in Education
Trevor Gale, Tebeje Molla, Stephen Parker
3. Emerging

Chopra, Kanchan - Development and Environmental Policy in India, e-kirja

Development and Environmental Policy in India

Chopra, Kanchan


Land and Forest Policy: Resources for Development or Our Natural Resources?
Kanchan Chopra
3. Climate Change Policy in India
Kanchan Chopra
4. Rights-Based Approaches: Do Environmental Movements Make a Dent on Policy?
Kanchan Chopra
5. Does

Davy, Benjamin - Land Policies in India, e-kirja

Land Policies in India

Davy, Benjamin


Land Transfer Tax Policy Regime and Its Influence on Property Markets: Analysing the Land Transfer Tax Policy of Kerala in the Last Decade
V. P. Nirmal Roy
6. Development or Disaster? Land Acquisition and Dispossession

Dupont, Diane P. - Water Policy and Governance in Canada, e-kirja

Water Policy and Governance in Canada

Dupont, Diane P.


The Hydrological and Policy Contexts for Water in Canada
Bruce Mitchell
3. Water Policy in Canada
Ted Horbulyk
4. Changing Currents: A Case Study in the Evolution of Water Law in Western Canada
Oliver M. Brandes, Deborah Curran
5. Reconciliation

Korkman, Sixten - Economic Policy in the European Union, e-kirja

Economic Policy in the European Union

Korkman, Sixten


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sixten Korkman
2. Rationale
Sixten Korkman
3. Methods
Sixten Korkman
4. Modalities
Sixten Korkman
5. Macroeconomic Policy in the SOE
Sixten Korkman
6. Macroeconomic Policy in the EMU
Sixten Korkman
7. Structural Policies
Sixten Korkman

Martens, Kerstin - Transformation of Education Policy, e-kirja

Transformation of Education Policy

Martens, Kerstin


Introduction—Education Policy in Transformation
Alexander-Kenneth Nagel, Kerstin Martens, Michael Windzio
2. Measuring Transformation of Education Policy—a Mixed-Method Approach
Alexander-Kenneth Nagel, Tonia Bieber,

Green, Andy - Handbook of Global Education Policy, e-kirja

Handbook of Global Education Policy

Green, Andy


This innovative new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors.
Surveys current debates about the role of education in a global polity, highlights key transnational policy

Järvelä, Marja - Energy, Policy, and the Environment, e-kirja

Energy, Policy, and the Environment

Järvelä, Marja


Introduction: Energy, Policy and the Environment: Modeling Sustainable Development for the North
Marja Järvelä, Sirkku Juhola
2. Climate Change and Energy Issues in the North
Marja Järvelä, Sirkku Juhola, Margareta Wihersaari
3. Farewell to Self-sufficiency: