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Wyatt, Peter - Property Valuation: In an Economic Context, e-kirja

Property Valuation: In an Economic Context

Wyatt, Peter


This book provides a single text for postgraduate study of valuation on real estate courses. After a general introduction to the property market and the economic ideas that underlie valuation, it introduces the theory of valuation

Keuleneer, Luc - Recent Trends in Valuation: From Strategy to Value, e-kirja

Recent Trends in Valuation: From Strategy to Value

Keuleneer, Luc


Conventional valuation techniques take little account of the unexpected outcomes and uncertainties of real life. Real options are one method of tackling these problems in order to give a realistic view in practice rather than simply in the theoretical

Hitchner, James R. - Financial Valuation Workbook, e-kirja

Financial Valuation Workbook

Hitchner, James R.


Exploring valuation theory, the consensus view on application, and the tools to apply it Financial Valuation workbook shows the appropriate way to prepare and present business valuations with a strong emphasis on