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Estampe, Dominique - Supply Chain Performance and Evaluation Models, e-kirja

Supply Chain Performance and Evaluation Models

Estampe, Dominique


This book presents the different models of supply chain performance evaluation for global supply chains.   It describes why it is necessary to evaluate global performance both to assess the contribution of the supply chain to achieve the goals

Wilde, Pieter de - Building Performance Analysis, e-kirja

Building Performance Analysis

Wilde, Pieter de


Explores and brings together the existent body of knowledge on building performance analysis
Building performance is an important yet surprisingly complex concept. This book presents a comprehensive and systematic overview of the subject. It provides a working definition of building

Salous, Sana - Radio Propagation Measurement and Channel Modelling, e-kirja

Radio Propagation Measurement and Channel Modelling

Salous, Sana


While there are numerous books describing modern wireless communication systems that contain overviews of radio propagation and radio channel modelling, there are none that contain detailed information on the design, implementation and calibration of radio channel measurement equipment,

Bièvre, Paul - Validation in Chemical Measurement, e-kirja

Validation in Chemical Measurement

Bièvre, Paul


Clinical reference materials for the validation of the performance of photometric systems used for clinical analyses
M. Buzoianu, Hassan Y. Aboul-Enein
6. Measurement uncertainty and its implications for collaborative study method validation and method performance