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Brownson, Ross C. - Handbook of Obesity Prevention, e-kirja

Handbook of Obesity Prevention

Brownson, Ross C.


What is Obesity? Definitions Matter
Robert J. Kuczmarski
3. Descriptive Epidemiology of Obesity in the United States
Youfa Wang, Shiriki Kumanyika
4. Costs of Obesity
Graham A. Colditz, Cynthia Stein

Ovesen, Per Glud - Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy, e-kirja

Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy

Ovesen, Per Glud


Childhood Obesity: The Impact of Maternal Obesity on Childhood Obesity
Rebecca M. Reynolds
17. Obesity in Pregnancy: Data from the Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) Study
Harold David McIntyre, Lynn

Brown, Kristy A. - Obesity and Breast Cancer, e-kirja

Obesity and Breast Cancer

Brown, Kristy A.


The Link Between Obesity and Breast Cancer Risk: Epidemiological Evidence
Kristy A. Brown, Evan R. Simpson
3. Adipose-Derived and Obesity-Related Factors and Breast Cancer
Kristy A. Brown, Evan R. Simpson
4. Estrogen

Haslam, David W. - Controversies in Obesity, e-kirja

Controversies in Obesity

Haslam, David W.


Childhood Obesity and the Environment
Paul A. Whaley
13. Genetics and Epigenetics: Myths or Facts?
Kirsi H. Pietiläinen
14. Chronicities of Modernity and the Contained Body as an Explanation for the Global Pandemic of Obesity,

Aphramor, Lucy - Debating Obesity, e-kirja

Debating Obesity

Aphramor, Lucy


Introduction: Contesting Obesity Discourse and Presenting an Alternative
Emma Rich, Lee F. Monaghan, Lucy Aphramor
2. Does Fat Kill? A Critique of the Epidemiological Evidence
Paul Campos
3. Bodily Sensibility: Vocabularies of the Discredited Male Body

James, Larry - Handbook of Obesity Intervention for the Lifespan, e-kirja

Handbook of Obesity Intervention for the Lifespan

James, Larry


Childhood Obesity Treatment Literature Review
Wendy L. Ward-Begnoche, Tracie L. Pasold, Vicki McNeill, K. Deane Peck, Samiya Razzaq, E. McCrea Fry, Karen L. Young
4. Practical Guidelines for Childhood Obesity Interventions
K. Beth Yano, Jenny Ebesutani,

Hawa, Raed - Psychiatric Care in Severe Obesity, e-kirja

Psychiatric Care in Severe Obesity

Hawa, Raed


Introduction to Severe Obesity for Psychiatrists
Raed Hawa, Sanjeev Sockalingam
2. Severe Obesity: A Patient’s Perspective
Becky Smith, Catherine Laird
Part II. Causes and Treatment of Obesity:

Barnett, Tony - Obesity and Diabetes 2e, e-kirja

Obesity and Diabetes 2e

Barnett, Tony


Type 2 diabetes, associated with obesity, is today the most common form of diabetes.  It is also associated with a number of other cardiovascular risk factors which constitute the metabolic syndrome.  Effective management of ‘diabesity’ is crucial to the reduction of