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Illan, Ivan M. - Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies, e-kirja

Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies

Illan, Ivan M.


A must-have reference for financial advisors 
In step-by-step detail, Success as a Financial Advisor For Dummies covers how a current or would-be financial advisor can maximize their professional success through a series of behaviors, activities,

Kaczmarek, Piotr - Visualizing Financial Data, e-kirja

Visualizing Financial Data

Kaczmarek, Piotr


A fresh take on financial data visualization for greater accuracy and understanding
Your data provides a snapshot of the state of your business and is key to the success of your conversations, decisions, and communications. But all of that communication is lost — or incorrectly interpreted

Schofield, Neil C - Equity Derivatives, e-kirja

Equity Derivatives

Schofield, Neil C


Risk Management of Vanilla Equity Options
Neil C Schofield
6. Volatility and Correlation
Neil C Schofield
7. Barrier and Binary Options
Neil C Schofield
8. Correlation-Dependent Exotic Options
Neil C Schofield
9. Equity Forwards and

Sekhar, G.V. Satya - The Management of Mutual Funds, e-kirja

The Management of Mutual Funds

Sekhar, G.V. Satya


Table of contents
1. Introduction
G. V. Satya Sekhar
2. Review of Literature
G. V. Satya Sekhar
3. Corporate Governance
G. V. Satya Sekhar
4. Benchmarking
G. V. Satya Sekhar
5. Asset Management
G. V. Satya Sekhar

Zhu, Min - Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management, e-kirja

Business, Economics, Financial Sciences, and Management

Zhu, Min


Health Economics and Management Framework Based on Chongqing Regional Health Information Platform
Ping Cheng
2. The Strategic Thinking of the Economic Transition in the Economic Zone on the West Side of the Taiwan Straits China
Pengyi Zhu
3. System