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Coffin, David - Expert Oracle and Java Security, e-kirja

Expert Oracle and Java Security

Coffin, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Coffin
2. Oracle Database Security
David Coffin
3. Secure Java Development Concepts
David Coffin
4. Java Stored Procedures
David Coffin
5. Public Key Encryption
David Coffin

Hussain, Syed Jaffar - Expert Oracle RAC 12c, e-kirja

Expert Oracle RAC 12c

Hussain, Syed Jaffar


Table of contents
1. Overview of Oracle RAC
Syed Jaffar Hussain, Tariq Farooq, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Kai Yu
2. Clusterware Stack Management and Troubleshooting
Syed Jaffar Hussain, Tariq Farooq, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Kai Yu
3. RAC Operational…

Rochkind, Marc - Expert PHP and MySQL, e-kirja

Expert PHP and MySQL

Rochkind, Marc


Table of contents
1. Project Organization
Marc Rochkind
2. Requirements
Marc Rochkind
3. Platforms and Tools
Marc Rochkind
4. The Database
Marc Rochkind
5. Application Structure
Marc Rochkind
6. Security, Forms,…

Kühner, Jens - Expert .NET Micro Framework, e-kirja

Expert .NET Micro Framework

Kühner, Jens


Table of contents
1. Introducing the .NET Micro Framework
Jens Kühner
2. Devices
Jens Kühner
3. Getting Started
Jens Kühner
4. Introducing the .NET Micro Framework Base Class Library
Jens Kühner
5. Accessing Hardware

Caffrey, Melanie - Expert Oracle Practices, e-kirja

Expert Oracle Practices

Caffrey, Melanie


Table of contents
1. Battle Against Any Guess
Alex Gorbachev
2. A Partly Cloudy Future
Jeremiah Wilton
3. Developing a Performance Methodology
Connie Green, Graham Wood, Uri Shaft
4. The DBA as Designer
Melanie Caffrey

Reid, Anna - From Expert Student to Novice Professional, e-kirja

From Expert Student to Novice Professional

Reid, Anna


Table of contents
1. What’s Happening in Higher Education?
Anna Reid, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren, Peter Petocz, Lars Owe Dahlgren
2. Professional Learning: How Can We Understand LearningLEARNING for the Professions?

Peters, Ron - Expert Shell Scripting, e-kirja

Expert Shell Scripting

Peters, Ron


Table of contents
Part 1. Basic Scripting Techniques
1. Shell Script Debugging
2. Standard Function Library
3. Date and Time Manipulation
4. Comparisons and Tests
5. Accepting Command-Line Options, Switches, and Parameters
6. Testing…

Edwards, Anne - Being an Expert Professional Practitioner, e-kirja

Being an Expert Professional Practitioner

Edwards, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introducing the Resourceful Practitioner
Anne Edwards
2. Expertise: The Relational Turn
Anne Edwards
3. Knowledge Work at Practice Boundaries
Anne Edwards
4. Relational Agency: Working with Other Practitioners

Alapati, Sam R. - Expert Apache Cassandra Administration, e-kirja

Expert Apache Cassandra Administration

Alapati, Sam R.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction, Installation, and Configuration
1. Apache Cassandra: An Introduction
Sam R. Alapati
2. Installing Cassandra and Getting Started with CQL Shell
Sam R. Alapati
3. Deploying a Cassandra Cluster