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Millei, Zsuzsa - Interrupting the Psy-Disciplines in Education, e-kirja

Interrupting the Psy-Disciplines in Education

Millei, Zsuzsa


‘Silences’ in the ‘Inclusive’ Early Childhood Classroom: Sustaining a ‘Taboo’
Karen Watson
3. Binds of Professionalism: Attachment in Australian and Finnish Early Years Policy
Zsuzsa Millei, Maarit Alasuutari
4. Becoming a ‘Learner’

Jorde, Doris - Science Education Research and Practice in Europe, e-kirja

Science Education Research and Practice in Europe

Jorde, Doris


Table of contents
1. Science Education Research and Practice in Europe
Doris Jorde, Justin Dillon
2. The Model of Educational Reconstruction – a Framework for Improving Teaching and Learning Science1
Reinders Duit, Harald Gropengießer, Ulrich Kattmann, Michael Komorek, Ilka Parchmann
3. Transcending

Sercombe, Peter - Language, Education and Nation-building, e-kirja

Language, Education and Nation-building

Sercombe, Peter


Language/ing in Education: Policy Discourse, Classroom Talk and Ethnic Identities in the Lao PDR
Angela Cincotta-Segi
7. Political, Educational and Socioeconomic Motivations for Language Shift in Multilingual Malaysia