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Hinchman, Lewis - The Theory of Social Democracy, e-kirja

The Theory of Social Democracy

Hinchman, Lewis


The ascendancy of neo-liberalism in different parts of the world has put social democracy on the defensive. Its adherents lack a clear rationale for their policies. Yet a justification for social democracy is implicit in the United Nations Covenants

Habermas, Jürgen - On the Logic of the Social Sciences, e-kirja

On the Logic of the Social Sciences

Habermas, Jürgen


In this wide-ranging work, now available in paperback, Habermas presents his views on the nature of the social sciences and their distinctive methodology and concerns. He examines, among other things, the traditional division between the natural sciences and the social

Preston, Peter - Arguments and Actions in Social Theory, e-kirja

Arguments and Actions in Social Theory

Preston, Peter


Table of contents
1. The Practical Nature of Social Theorizing
Peter Preston
2. Arguments from Natural Science
Peter Preston
3. Arguments from Language/Understanding
Peter Preston
4. Arguments from Political Community
Peter Preston
5. Language, Tradition and Practice
Peter Preston