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Paha, Johannes - Competition Law Compliance Programmes, e-kirja

Competition Law Compliance Programmes

Paha, Johannes


Competition Law Compliance Programmes: A Law and Economics Perspective
Stefan Frübing, Kai Hüschelrath
Part II. Compliance in Business and Economics
3. Results of a Survey in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on How

Corrales, Marcelo - New Technology, Big Data and the Law, e-kirja

New Technology, Big Data and the Law

Corrales, Marcelo


Internet Intermediaries and Copyright Enforcement in the EU: In Search of a Balanced Approach
Ioannis Revolidis
Part III. Digital Evidence
10. The Collection of Electronic Evidence in Germany: A Spotlight on Recent Legal Developments and Court Rulings

Singleton, Susan - Data Protection Law for Employers, e-kirja

Data Protection Law for Employers

Singleton, Susan


The Data Protection Act also applies to manual data, not just computer data, and a new tough enforcement policy was announced in October 2002. This report is directly relevant to: · All employers who handle personal data - ie. most employers · Personnel and

Pereira, Ricardo - Environmental and Energy Law, e-kirja

Environmental and Energy Law

Pereira, Ricardo


The EU and the UK have contributed to the development of  the environmental and energy law regimes currently in force, spanning across international, transnational and national levels. At the same time, practical responses to environmental and energy problems have

Durovic, Mateja - Internationalization of Consumer Law, e-kirja

Internationalization of Consumer Law

Durovic, Mateja


The Internationalisation of Consumer Law: An Emerging Phenomenon
Hans W. Micklitz, Mateja Durovic
2. International and Regional Organisations and the Internationalisation of Consumer Law
Hans W. Micklitz, Mateja Durovic
3. International Law

Buecker, Bernard - Key Aspects of German Business Law, e-kirja

Key Aspects of German Business Law

Buecker, Bernard


The law of bankruptcy and security interests
Reinhard Nacke
13. Unfair competition
Henrik Schroeder
14. The law of public procurement
Norman Müller
15. Distribution agreements
Michael Bihler