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Gibbs, Paul - Thinking about Higher Education, e-kirja

Thinking about Higher Education

Gibbs, Paul


Beyond Neo-Liberalism: Higher Education in Europe and the Global Public Good
Barbara M. Kehm
8. Futures for Community Engagement: A Sociomaterial Perspective
Tara Fenwick
Part III. Which Knowledge and Who Can Have

Curaj, Adrian - The European Higher Education Area, e-kirja

The European Higher Education Area

Curaj, Adrian


Internationalization of Higher Education—What Can Research Add to the Policy Debate? [Overview Paper]
Hans Wit, Ligia Deca, Fiona Hunter
2. Internationalization of Higher Education:

Carey, Kevin - Accountability in American Higher Education, e-kirja

Accountability in American Higher Education

Carey, Kevin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kevin Carey, Mark Schneider
2. On the Foundations of Standardized Assessment of College Outcomes and Estimating Value Added
Jeffrey Steedle
3. Faculty Scholarly Productivity at American Research Universities
Lawrence B. Martin
4. Student-Unit Record Systems and Postsecondary