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Brounstein, Marty - Communicating Effectively For Dummies, e-kirja

Communicating Effectively For Dummies

Brounstein, Marty


Communicating Effectively For Dummies shows you how to get your point across at work and interact most productively with bosses and coworkers. Applying your knowledge and skill to your job is the easy part; working well with others is often the hard part. This helpful guide lets you maximize

Jard, Claude - Communicating Embedded Systems: Software and Design, e-kirja

Communicating Embedded Systems: Software and Design

Jard, Claude

Alk. 106,90€

This book deals with these formal methods applied to communicating embedded systems by presenting the related industrial challenges and the issues of modeling, model-checking, diagnosis and control synthesis, and by describing the main associated automated tools.

Cheng, Donghong - Communicating Science in Social Contexts, e-kirja

Communicating Science in Social Contexts

Cheng, Donghong


Table of contents
1. Revisiting Models
1. Paradigm Change for Science Communication: Commercial Science Needs a Critical Public
Martin W. Bauer
2. European Trends in Science Communication
Michel Claessens
3. Words and Figures of…