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Johnson, Walter - Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide, e-kirja

Pediatric Cardiology: The Essential Pocket Guide

Johnson, Walter


* A unique and straightforward explanation of complex pathophysiology of cardiac malformations
* Addresses the important and growing concern of diagnosing heart disease and cardiac problems in pediatric care
* Provides the skills necessary for today's managed care environment in using the history, physical examination,

Hollenberg, Steven - Cardiology in Family Practice, e-kirja

Cardiology in Family Practice

Hollenberg, Steven


Table of contents
1. Stable Angina
Steven Hollenberg, Stephen Heitner
2. Acute Coronary Syndromes
Steven Hollenberg, Stephen Heitner
3. Arrhythmias
Steven Hollenberg, Stephen Heitner
4. Hypertension
Steven Hollenberg, Stephen…

Foody, Joanne Micale - Preventive Cardiology, e-kirja

Preventive Cardiology

Foody, Joanne Micale


Table of contents
I.New Paradigms in the Pathophysiology of Coronary Artery Disease
1. The Unstable Plaque
JoAnne Micale Foody, Steven E. Nissen
2. Endothelial Function and Insights for Prevention
Eric H. Lieberman, Margarita R. Garces,…

Fisher, Miles - Diabetic Cardiology, e-kirja

Diabetic Cardiology

Fisher, Miles


With cardiovascular disease becoming the most common cause of death in people with diabetes, interest in the assessment and treatment of heart disease in these patients has been reawakened. This book examines developing topics from a largely cardiological…

Pelliccia, Antonio - Sports Cardiology Casebook, e-kirja

Sports Cardiology Casebook

Pelliccia, Antonio


Table of contents
2. A 27-Year-Old Professional Cyclist with Palpitations on Effort
Hein Heidbüchel, Axel J.P. Urhausen
3. Impaired Performance in a Master Long-Distance Runner
François Carré
4. A 26-Year-Old Cyclist with Syncope…

Kogan, Boris Ja. - Introduction to Computational Cardiology, e-kirja

Introduction to Computational Cardiology

Kogan, Boris Ja.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Boris Ja. Kogan
2. Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation
Boris Ja. Kogan
3. Electrophysiological and Electrochemical Background
Boris Ja. Kogan
4. Mathematical Models of Action Potential

Camm, A. John - Clinical Guide to Cardiology, e-kirja

Clinical Guide to Cardiology

Camm, A. John


Clinical Guide to Cardiology is a quick-reference resource, packed full of bullet points, diagrams, tables and algorithms for the key concepts and facts for important presentations and conditions within cardiology. It provides practical, evidence-based

Lawless, Christine E. - Sports Cardiology Essentials, e-kirja

Sports Cardiology Essentials

Lawless, Christine E.


Table of contents
1. Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes: Scope of the Problem and Emergency Response
Eric E. Coris, Steve Walz, Anne B. Curtis, Frances Sahebzamani, Kira Zwygart
2. Cardiovascular Screening of Athletes: Focused Exam, Electrocardiograms,…

Yusuf, Salim - Evidence-Based Cardiology, e-kirja

Evidence-Based Cardiology

Yusuf, Salim


Evidence based Cardiology was first published in 1998 to universal acclaim. Now, with the move towards more patient focused health care and at the same time increased emphasis on health economics, evidence-based practice is a more important force in health care delivery than ever.