Haku "Environmental Toxicology"

Geckeler, Kurt E. - Advanced Nanomaterials, e-kirja

Advanced Nanomaterials

Geckeler, Kurt E.


In this first comprehensive compilation of review chapters on this hot topic, more than 30 experts from around the world provide in-depth chapters on their specific areas of expertise, covering such essential topics as:
* Block Copolymer Systems, Nanofibers and Nanotubes
* Helical Polymer-Based Supramolecular Films

Eastwood, Peter - Particulate Emissions from Vehicles, e-kirja

Particulate Emissions from Vehicles

Eastwood, Peter


The expert analysis and summary of the state-of-the-art, which encompasses the key areas of combustion performance, measurement techniques and toxicology, will appeal to R&D practitioners and engineers working in the automotive industry and related mechanical fields,

Faulkner, Edwin B. - High Performance Pigments, e-kirja

High Performance Pigments

Faulkner, Edwin B.


This book provides up-to-date information on the market for high performance pigments, synthesis, reaction mechanisms, physical and chemical properties, applications, regulatory affairs, toxicology and ecotoxicology. It is the only one on the market covering all high

Andres, Terry - Global Sensitivity Analysis: The Primer, e-kirja

Global Sensitivity Analysis: The Primer

Andres, Terry


Postgraduate students and practitioners in a wide range of subjects, including statistics, mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry, environmental sciences, biology, toxicology, actuarial sciences, and econometrics will

Craig, John F. - Freshwater Fisheries Ecology, e-kirja

Freshwater Fisheries Ecology

Craig, John F.


The book also covers in detail fisheries development, providing information on improving fisheries through environmental and habitat evaluation, enhancement and rehabilitation, aquaculture, genetically modified fishes and sustainability. The book thoroughly reviews