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Green, Andy - The Crisis for Young People, e-kirja

The Crisis for Young People

Green, Andy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: At the Sharp-End of Globalisation and Demographic Change
Andy Green
2. Education, Education …Under-Employment: The Mantra That Failed
Andy Green
3. Young People and Employment: The Age of Uncertainty
Andy Green
4. Britain’s Housing Disaster and Its Effects on

Muijs, Daniel - Collaboration and Networking in Education, e-kirja

Collaboration and Networking in Education

Muijs, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Networking in Schools
Daniel Muijs, Mel Ainscow, Chris Chapman, Mel West
2. Networking and Collaboration as a Public Policy Framework
Daniel Muijs, Mel Ainscow, Chris Chapman, Mel West
3. Localised Theories of Networking and Collaboration
Daniel Muijs, Mel Ainscow, Chris

Zajda, Joseph - Globalization, Education and Social Justice, e-kirja

Globalization, Education and Social Justice

Zajda, Joseph


The Impact of Two Policies on Principal and Teacher Preparation Programs: No Child Left Behind and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Michele Acker-Hocevar, Marta I. Cruz-Janzen, Cynthia L. Wilson
9. Solving the Equity/Equality Conceptual Dilemma:

Zajda, Joseph - The Politics of Education Reforms, e-kirja

The Politics of Education Reforms

Zajda, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Neoliberalism, the New Imperialism, and the “Disappearing” Nation-State: A Case Study
Shannon Calderone, Robert A. Rhoads
2. How Educational Systems Form and Reform
William K. Cummings
3. Academic Capitalism in Japan: National University Incorporation and Special Zones for Structural

Blossing, Ulf - The Nordic Education Model, e-kirja

The Nordic Education Model

Blossing, Ulf


A Social Democratic Response to Market-Led Education Policies: Concession or Rejection?
Nina Volckmar, Susanne Wiborg
8. Progressive Education and New Governance in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden
Ulf Blossing, Gunn Imsen, Lejf Moos
9. Assessing Children

Gordon, Deborah - Two Billion Cars : Driving Towards Sustainability, e-kirja

Two Billion Cars : Driving Towards Sustainability

Gordon, Deborah


Sperling and Gordon outline the problem in full and assign blame squarely where it belongs--on the auto-industry, short-sighted government policies, and consumers. They consider the issue from all angles and take up such topics as getting beyond the gas-guzzler monoculture,

Lomer, Sylvie - Recruiting International Students in Higher Education, e-kirja

Recruiting International Students in Higher Education

Lomer, Sylvie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sylvie Lomer
2. International Higher Education Discourses
Sylvie Lomer
3. International Student Policy in the UK
Sylvie Lomer
4. Putting Discourse Theory into Practice
Sylvie Lomer
5. Influence: A Political Rationale and International Alumni as Ambassadors