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Natale, Corrado Di - Sensors and Microsystems, e-kirja

Sensors and Microsystems

Natale, Corrado Di


Table of contents
Part I. Physical Sensors
1. Investigation of Seebeck Effect in Metal Oxide Nanowires for Powering Autonomous Microsystems
Simone Dalola, Vittorio Ferrari, Guido Faglia, Elisabetta Comini, Matteo Ferroni, Caterina Soldano, Dario Zappa, Giorgio Sberveglieri
2. Piezopolymer Interdigital Transducers

Borrego, Carlos - Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIX, e-kirja

Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIX

Borrego, Carlos


Lake Breezes in Southern Ontario: Observations, Models and Impacts on Air Quality
David Flagg, Jeff Brook, David Sills, Paul Makar, Peter Taylor, Geoff Harris, Robert McLaren, Patrick King
85. High Time and Space Resolution Ozone Modelling in Regional Air Quality

Gökçekus, Hüseyin - Survival and Sustainability, e-kirja

Survival and Sustainability

Gökçekus, Hüseyin


Ecotourism – Environment Relationship in Contemporary Eastern Europe Countries. Its Facts, Myths and Challenges. The Case of Albania and Macedonia
Liljana Elmazi, Jovan Stojanoski
36. Earthquake is Manmade Catastrophe Rather than a Natural Disaster: Turkey

O'Dowd, Colin D. - Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, e-kirja

Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols

O'Dowd, Colin D.


Aerosol Distributions over Europe: A Regional Model Evaluation
Bärbel Langmann, Saji Varghese, Colin D. O'Dowd, Elina Marmer
102. An Analysis on Aerosol Variable Tendency and Clouds Physical Effect for Decrease of Natural Precipitation over Hebei Area