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Evans, Leighton - Location-Based Social Media, e-kirja

Location-Based Social Media

Evans, Leighton


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Leighton Evans, Michael Saker
2. Space
Leighton Evans, Michael Saker
3. Time
Leighton Evans, Michael Saker
4. Identity
Leighton Evans, Michael Saker
5. Conclusions
Leighton Evans,…

Arora, Payal - Crossroads in New Media, Identity and Law, e-kirja

Crossroads in New Media, Identity and Law

Arora, Payal


Rethinking Belonging in the Era of Social Media: Migration and Presence
Mariangela Veikou, Eugenia Siapera
8. Rule Play: Negotiating Cyberspace and the Cybercultured Self in Saudi Arabia
Leigh Llewellyn Graham
9. Human-Algorithmic Scaffolding

Mello, Cecília - Realism and the Audiovisual Media, e-kirja

Realism and the Audiovisual Media

Mello, Cecília


Table of contents
Part I. Theorizing Realism
1. World Cinema: Realism, Evidence, Presence
Thomas Elsaesser
2. Whither Realism? Bazin Reconsidered
Leighton Grist
3. Brecht, Realism and the Media
Marc Silberman
4. Melodrama as Realism in Italian Neorealism
Louis Bagman
5. Scale and the Negotiation

Kelly, Ashley R. - Emerging Genres in New Media Environments, e-kirja

Emerging Genres in New Media Environments

Kelly, Ashley R.


Russian New Media Users’ Reaction to a Meteor Explosion in Chelyabinsk: Twitter Versus YouTube
Natalia Rulyova
5. Resisting the “Natural”: Rhetorical Delivery and the Natural User Interface
Ben McCorkle
6. Expansive Genres of Play: Getting Serious

Curtis, Tracy - New Media in Black Women’s Autobiography, e-kirja

New Media in Black Women’s Autobiography

Curtis, Tracy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tracy Curtis
2. Whose Tools? Audre Lorde’s Narrative Mastery in The Cancer Journals and Zami: A New Spelling of My Name
Tracy Curtis
3. Naming All These Women: Jill Nelson’s Portrayals in Volunteer…