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Golla, Narasimha - Soil Enzymes, e-kirja

Soil Enzymes

Golla, Narasimha


Table of contents
1. Soil Collection
Maddela Naga Raju, Narasimha Golla, Rangaswamy Vengatampalli
2. Soil Physicochemical Properties
Maddela Naga Raju, Narasimha Golla, Rangaswamy Vengatampalli
3. Soil Microbiological Properties

Traut, Thomas - Allosteric Regulatory Enzymes, e-kirja

Allosteric Regulatory Enzymes

Traut, Thomas


Table of contents
1.Overview Of Enzymes
1. Introduction To Enzymes
2. The Limits For Life Define The Limits For Enzymes
3. Enzyme Kinetics
4. Properties And Evolution Of Allosteric Enzymes
5. Kinetics Of Allosteric Enzymes

Gotor, Vicente - Asymmetric Organic Synthesis with Enzymes, e-kirja

Asymmetric Organic Synthesis with Enzymes

Gotor, Vicente


Perfect for biochemists, synthetic and organic chemists, this book covers all important reactions, including C-C coupling reactions, oxidation reactions and many more.
Divided into two parts, the first section on methodology presents new innovative…

Wolfinbarger, Lloyd - Enzyme Regulation in Metabolic Pathways, e-kirja

Enzyme Regulation in Metabolic Pathways

Wolfinbarger, Lloyd


Enzyme Regulation in Metabolic Pathways shows the reader how to understand the roles of enzymes and their kinetic constants in intermediary metabolism. It provides a means of correlating data obtained in experimental studies to multiple possible mechanisms through which some enzyme may

O'Connor, Maeve - Strategy of the Viral Genome, e-kirja

Strategy of the Viral Genome

O'Connor, Maeve


The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results.…