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Jones, Mellita - Teacher Education Policy and Practice, e-kirja

Teacher Education Policy and Practice

Jones, Mellita


Can Career Changers Be Game Changers? Policy, Research and Practice Concerning Career Changers
Meera Varadharajan, Sandy Schuck
7. Managing the Personal Impact of Practicum: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Diploma in Education Students
Deanna Grant-Smith,

Lee, Sing Kong - Educational Policy Innovations, e-kirja

Educational Policy Innovations

Lee, Sing Kong


Developing Educational Policies in a Holistic Skills Framework
Andreas Schleicher
4. Conceptualising Teacher Preparation for Educational Innovation: Singapore’s Approach
Sing Kong Lee, Ee Ling Low
5. Singapore’s Performance in PISA: Levelling Up

Araya, Daniel - Rethinking US Education Policy, e-kirja

Rethinking US Education Policy

Araya, Daniel


US Education Policy as Economic Policy
Daniel Araya
3. The Knowledge Economy in Context
Daniel Araya
4. Paradigms of the Knowledge Economy
Daniel Araya
5. Education Policy and the Obama Administration

Por, Yu Kam - Ethical Dilemmas in Public Policy, e-kirja

Ethical Dilemmas in Public Policy

Por, Yu Kam


Introduction: Ethical Dilemmas, Social Values, and Public Policy: The Context of Governance and Citizenship
Betty Yung
Part I. Ethics, Social Values and Public Policy
2. The Case of Ah Bun: Euthanasia and Other Alternatives
Ho Mun Chan, Chun Yan Tse

Harris, Stuart - China's Foreign Policy, e-kirja

China's Foreign Policy

Harris, Stuart


But should we heed the warnings of a so-called ‘China threat?’ Is China set to become the next superpower? Or will its ambitions be tempered by economic and political realities both at home and abroad?

In this insightful and balanced analysis, noted China expert Stuart Harris explores