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Wexler, Alice - Art Education Beyond the Classroom, e-kirja

Art Education Beyond the Classroom

Wexler, Alice


Table of contents
1. The Messages of Linda Persson
Roger Cardinal
2. Working with the Young Outsider Artist: Appropriation, Elaboration, and Building Self-Narrative
David Henley
3. How Do You Get to Prospect Avenue?
Tim Rollins

Robinson, Jo Ann Ooiman - Education as My Agenda, e-kirja

Education as My Agenda

Robinson, Jo Ann Ooiman


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jo Ann Ooiman Robinson
2. Beginnings
Gertrude S. Williams, Jo Ann Ooiman Robinson
3. Teacher Training at Cheyney
Gertrude S. Williams, Jo Ann Ooiman Robinson
4. Teacher at Charles Carroll of…

Hallinan, Maureen T. - Frontiers in Sociology of Education, e-kirja

Frontiers in Sociology of Education

Hallinan, Maureen T.


The Future of the Schooled Society: The Transforming Culture of Education in Postindustrial Society
David P. Baker
3. Frontiers in Comparative and International Sociology of Education: American Distinctiveness and Global

Martens, Kerstin - Transformation of Education Policy, e-kirja

Transformation of Education Policy

Martens, Kerstin


Introduction—Education Policy in Transformation
Alexander-Kenneth Nagel, Kerstin Martens, Michael Windzio
2. Measuring Transformation of Education Policy—a Mixed-Method Approach
Alexander-Kenneth Nagel, Tonia Bieber,

Fraser, Pete - Current Perspectives in Media Education, e-kirja

Current Perspectives in Media Education

Fraser, Pete


Media Education: A Tool for Social Inclusion
Steve Connolly
5. Educating Media Educators
Kate Domaille
6. ‘These Are My Photos of When I Was Little’: Locating Media Arts in the Primary School Curriculum
Michael Dezuanni, Annette Woods

Rogers, Chrissie - Parenting and Inclusive Education, e-kirja

Parenting and Inclusive Education

Rogers, Chrissie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chrissie Rogers
2. Mothering and Disability: The Social, Cultural and Political Spheres
Chrissie Rogers
3. Mothering: Identification and Diagnosis of Impairment
Chrissie Rogers
4. Statementing…

Evans, William A. - Evolution Education in the American South, e-kirja

Evolution Education in the American South

Evans, William A.


Culture and Evolution Education in the US South
5. Bridging the Gaps: Evolution and Pre-service Science Teachers
Amanda L. Glaze
6. Evolution Acceptance Among Undergraduates in the South
Caitlin Schrein
7. Using Nature of Science to Mitigate Tension