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Habermas, Jürgen - The Crisis of the European Union: A Response, e-kirja

The Crisis of the European Union: A Response

Habermas, Jürgen


In the midst of the current crisis that is threatening to derail the historical project of European unification, Jürgen Habermas has been one of the most perceptive critics of the ineffectual and evasive responses to the global financial crisis, especially by the

Vliet, Bas van - Social Perspectives on the Sanitation Challenge, e-kirja

Social Perspectives on the Sanitation Challenge

Vliet, Bas van


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bas Vliet, Gert Spaargaren, Peter Oosterveer
2. Meeting Social Challenges in Developing Sustainable Environmental Infrastructures in East African Cities
Peter Oosterveer, Gert Spaargaren
3. Sense and Sanitation
Bas Vliet, Gert Spaargaren
4. Providing Sanitation for

Nuesiri, Emmanuel O. - Global Forest Governance and Climate Change, e-kirja

Global Forest Governance and Climate Change

Nuesiri, Emmanuel O.


The Illusion of Participation: Tokenism in REDD+ Pilot Projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Raymond Achu Samndong
4. Institutional Choice and Substantive Representation of Local People in Carbon Forestry in Uganda
Robert Mbeche
5. Displacement,

Henze, Raphaela - Exporting Culture, e-kirja

Exporting Culture

Henze, Raphaela


The Weak and the Strong Term “European Arts Project” – Potential and Lack of Self-Consciousness within Cultural Structures on the Continent
Gernot Wolfram
6. Democratising Cultural Institutions – A Challenge for Europe. A Challenge for Culture

Müller, Dieter K. - Tourism in Transitions, e-kirja

Tourism in Transitions

Müller, Dieter K.


Island in Transition: Tourists, Volunteers and Migrants Attracted by an Art-Based Revitalization Project in the Seto Inland Sea
Carolin Funck, Nan Chang
6. Second Home Tourism: Social and Economic Change in Developing Countries like South Africa

Bruyas, Anne-Marie - Science Centres and Science Events, e-kirja

Science Centres and Science Events

Bruyas, Anne-Marie


The Cooperation Project for a New Science Centre in Owerri, Nigeria
Anne-Marie Bruyas
7. Lesson 1: Activities and Tools Overview
Guglielmo Maglio
8. Lesson 2: The Role of Exhibitions in Science Museum and Science Centre
Anna Porro, Luigi Cerri