Haku "secret"

Fox, N. K. - The Price of Desire, e-kirja

The Price of Desire

Fox, N. K.


Can Georgie and Bunnie topple the secret organisation and save Lily? Or will the weakness of the flesh seduce them into compliant devotion?

Wilde, Raymond - Under a Stern Reign, e-kirja

Under a Stern Reign

Wilde, Raymond


With an appetite for pretty young blondes, Elise grooms naive Genevieve to fit her own world of erotic adventure, and witnessing their activities, the count finds it impossible to restrain his secret desires to take the beautiful girls in hand - in certain ways he

Nano, Slave - Pandora, e-kirja


Nano, Slave


After a busy day tormenting some of her slaves she is taken away for interrogation by the secret police where she faces torture more severe than anything she has dished out to her slaves. The distraught Vicky and Nano Mk II are left to come to her aid. How will she

Bradbury, B. A. - Obliged to Bend, e-kirja

Obliged to Bend

Bradbury, B. A.


Given sole charge of Willie the hallboy and Jack the stableboy, Irene is in seventh heaven, blissfully unaware that James has secret plans for her too! With Irene's assistance, first Victoria then Cathy fall prey to their guardian's scheming, and feel the sting of

Benedict, Kate - Puritan Passions, e-kirja

Puritan Passions

Benedict, Kate


Lucinda unwittingly attracts the eye of their elderly neighbour, Ezekiel Watkins, a Puritan who acquired his estate through his support of Cromwell, and when her brother is seen on a secret visit home to raise money for the Royalist cause, Watkins uses this to blackmail