Haku "tourist"

Hoinville, Mike - Woodcall, e-kirja


Hoinville, Mike


This collection begins with the tale of a boy with a musical talent driven on by his mother's ambition; Great Expectations always seem to end strangely don't they? Ah – England! A mecca for tourists from all over the world... and not only this one it seems. Then a different mother with

Thompson, Roger W - Eye of Athina, e-kirja

Eye of Athina

Thompson, Roger W


It's now 1994 and the Unit reacts quickly following the death of a British agent on the island of Petromos by sending a female agent, her cover - a tourist supposedly taking few days break from London. Born in Athens she bears the rare intense eyes that modern Athenian

Lavelle, Kathy - In the Shadow of the Eye, e-kirja

In the Shadow of the Eye

Lavelle, Kathy


For tourists, the London Eye is a central attraction and thousands queue every day to obtain a panoramic view of the city. But for Kevin, a homeless man living on the river embankment in the shadow of the London Eye, viewing its fairy-like lights through the branches from his home in Cardboard