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Allman, Keith A. - Corporate Valuation Modeling: A Step-by-Step Guide, e-kirja

Corporate Valuation Modeling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Allman, Keith A.


A critical guide to corporate valuation modeling
Valuation is at the heart of everything that Wall Street does. Every day, millions of transactions to purchase or sell companies take place based on prices created by the activities of all market participants. In this book, author Keith

Benedetto, Paolo - Commercial Property Valuation: Methods and Case Studies, e-kirja

Commercial Property Valuation: Methods and Case Studies

Benedetto, Paolo


A practical guide to the best approaches for commercial real estate value assessment 
Commercial Property Valuation provides a comprehensive examination of principles and methods of determining the accurate value of commercial assets. This invaluable resource covers all key elements

Fabozzi, Frank J. - Equity Valuation and Portfolio Management, e-kirja

Equity Valuation and Portfolio Management

Fabozzi, Frank J.


A detailed look at equity valuation and portfolio management
Equity valuation is a method of valuing stock prices using fundamental analysis to determine the worth of the business and discover investment opportunities.
In Equity Valuation

Henry, Elaine - Equity Asset Valuation, e-kirja

Equity Asset Valuation

Henry, Elaine


Navigate equity investments and asset valuation with confidence
Equity Asset Valuation, Third Edition blends theory and practice to paint an accurate, informative picture of the equity asset world. The most comprehensive resource on the market, this