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Freemark, Michael S. - Pediatric Obesity, e-kirja

Pediatric Obesity

Freemark, Michael S.


The Obesity Epidemic: A Global Perspective
1. Childhood Obesity in the Modern Age: Global Trends, Determinants, Complications, and Costs
Michael Freemark
Part II. Hormonal and Metabolic Control of Appetite, Fat Deposition,

Garaulet, Marta - Chronobiology and Obesity, e-kirja

Chronobiology and Obesity

Garaulet, Marta


Discovery of the Clock Mutant and the First Mammalian Clock Gene and the Links to Obesity: Starting with Animal #25
Fred W. Turek
2. An Introduction to Chronobiology
Juan Antonio Madrid Pérez
3. Adipose Tissue as a Peripheral Clock

Taylor, Monica M. - The Obesity Epidemic, e-kirja

The Obesity Epidemic

Taylor, Monica M.


The Obesity Epidemic: Individual Accountability and the Social Determinants of Health
Monica M. Taylor
3. The Argument for Social Justice
Monica M. Taylor
4. The Political Economy Perspective
Monica M. Taylor
5. Policy Solutions

Freemark, Michael - Pediatric Obesity, e-kirja

Pediatric Obesity

Freemark, Michael


Global Dynamics in Childhood Obesity: Reflections on a Life of Work in the Field
Barry Popkin
2. The Neuroendocrine Control of Energy Balance
Robert H. Lustig
3. Monogenic Obesity
David Meyre, Philippe Froguel
4. Syndromic Obesity

Grant, Struan F.A. - The Genetics of Obesity, e-kirja

The Genetics of Obesity

Grant, Struan F.A.


Genetic Variation and Obesity Prior to the Era of Genome-Wide Association Studies
Shana E. McCormack
2. Genetic Obesity Syndromes
I. Sadaf Farooqi, Stephen O’Rahilly
3. Genome-Wide Association Studies of Obesity
Åsa K. Hedman, Cecilia M. Lindgren,

Sattar, Naveed - ABC of Obesity, e-kirja

ABC of Obesity

Sattar, Naveed


Obesity is a hugely expensive and increasing problem worldwide, leading to disability, reproductive problems, depression and accelerated metabolic and vascular diseases in a large proportion of men, women and children. The ABC of Obesity is a new guide

Caterson, Ian D. - Clinical Obesity: in Adults and Children, e-kirja

Clinical Obesity: in Adults and Children

Caterson, Ian D.


New features of this Second Edition include:
Addition of two new co-editors – Professor Bill Dietz, USA and Professor Ian Caterson, Australia Increased number of contributors from around the globe – providing a truly international perspective Includes new information about the causes of

Wilding, John P. H. - Pharmacotherapy of Obesity, e-kirja

Pharmacotherapy of Obesity

Wilding, John P. H.


Table of contents
1. Why drugs?
F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer
2. Some historical aspects of drug treatment for obesity
George A. Bray
3. Regulation of energy balance — towards rational drug design in obesity
Joanne A. Harrold, John P. H. Wilding
4. Intestinal lipase inhibitors
John P. H. Wilding

Hojjat, Rata - The Economics of Obesity, e-kirja

The Economics of Obesity

Hojjat, Rata


Data and Methodology: Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Among Obesity, Income Inequality, and Poverty
Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, Rata Hojjat
7. Food Policy Interventions
Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, Rata Hojjat
8. Concluding Comments
Tahereh Alavi

Tschilia, Gina - Fat Matters: From sociology to science, e-kirja

Fat Matters: From sociology to science

Tschilia, Gina


In a consumerist society obsessed with body image and thinness, obesity levels have reached an all-time high. This multi-faceted book written by a range of experts, explores the social, cultural, clinical and psychological factors that lie behind the ‘Obesity