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Starkey, Damien - Vampire Lust - Volume 1, e-kirja

Vampire Lust - Volume 1

Starkey, Damien


He signed off with the words, "I am the King of Vampires" and without hesitating the girl clicked on Reply and started typing: "Whatever it takes to turn me, I will do it. I want to come straight away. Tell me what you want. I will do anything, anything…

Starkey, Damien - Vampire Lust - Volume 2: Empusa's Underworld, e-kirja

Vampire Lust - Volume 2: Empusa's Underworld

Starkey, Damien


Drew is a teenage girl, envying her sister's wild life. Hating her own dull boring routine, she is drawn to the Empusa cult, visiting the website and wishing she had the guts to be like that, to demand what she wanted from life - and get it. The poems,…

McLachlan, Bruce - Victim of the Witch Queen, e-kirja

Victim of the Witch Queen

McLachlan, Bruce


Captured by the Witch Queen, and locked away in the dungeons for no other reason than the fact that she is there to be tormented; Tanya must realise this is to be her grisly fate. Ecaping from unbearable pain into memories, she recalls earlier years,…

Stone, CP - Virtual Reality, e-kirja

Virtual Reality

Stone, CP


In a future world, Wardens patrol everywhere and watch everyone, looking for signs of ‘pleasure.’ Manners are discarded, politeness and smiles are looked upon as disgusting and Virtual Reality is, for most, the only way to achieve what you really…

Jensen, JD - Voyage of Terror, e-kirja

Voyage of Terror

Jensen, JD


The sailing ship is loaded with convicts on their way to the dreaded Hell on earth penal colony of Port Cayonne. The captain is content to have the 100 men and 30 women supervised by the sadistic Madam Latour, herself a convict serving her out her parole,…

Wright, Gail P - Wage Slave, e-kirja

Wage Slave

Wright, Gail P


Adam is at the end of his tether over Debbie’s reckless spending. Then Peter, his boss, steps in with some advice, a demonstration or two and an offer Adam can’t refuse. He soon finds that bondage and corporal punishment not only solve the problem…

Gaiton, Roget - Weekend Slave, e-kirja

Weekend Slave

Gaiton, Roget


Meeting the 'normal' couple at a BDSM party didn't seem to pose any long term threat to the writer's way of life, until they turned up on his doorstep, suitcase in hand, with the Master offering his slave for training for the entire weekend! During the…

Alexander, Bo - Without Consent - Volume 2, e-kirja

Without Consent - Volume 2

Alexander, Bo


A neighbour has chanced on the chained Colleen and talked his way into the house, intrigued by the goings-on, whilst Michelle, a work associate of Colleen’s, has also been kidnapped and taken to the house. It is her turn now to be subjected to abuse,…

Alexander, Bo - Without Consent - Volume 1, e-kirja

Without Consent - Volume 1

Alexander, Bo


Nurse Colleen Morgan has turned down the chance of dinner with Dr Mark Wheeler several times. What she doesn't know is - he is determined to have her. Finally at his mercy, Colleen finds her own submissive sexuality as she suffers every humiliation, every…

Chale, Hilary - Woman on Woman, e-kirja

Woman on Woman

Chale, Hilary


In this fine set of short stories, the perverse sexuality of women who 'enjoy' receiving corporal punishment from other women is explored in fine detail, from clubs where they go to confess their sins and receive retribution, through to an ex-pupil seeking…