Haku "incremental project management"

Barry, Chris - Complexity in Information Systems Development, e-kirja

Complexity in Information Systems Development

Barry, Chris


Automation of the Incremental Integration of Microservices Architectures
Miguel Zúñiga-Prieto, Emilio Insfran, Silvia Abrahão, Carlos Cano-Genoves
5. Browsing Digital Collections with Reconfigurable Faceted Thesauri
Joaquín Gayoso-Cabada, Daniel Rodríguez-Cerezo,

Bellaviti, Paola - Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization, e-kirja

Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization

Bellaviti, Paola


Lesson Learned from 50 Years of Studies and Projects Implementation in Armenia
Mariacristina Giambruno, Gaianè Casnati
18. Landscape Quality and Multifunctional Agriculture: The Potential of the Historic Agricultural Landscape in the Context of the Development

Zhu, Rongbo - Information Engineering and Applications, e-kirja

Information Engineering and Applications

Zhu, Rongbo


A Study of Product Configuration Management Model and Evaluation for Aviation Subcontract Production
Xilan Feng, Zhiqiang Jiang, Xianzhang Feng, Jinfa Shi
6. Study on Service Scheduling Based on PSO and Market
Wang Gang, Fengxia Yin
7. Research of Audit

Chung, Kyo-il - Database Theory and Application, e-kirja

Database Theory and Application

Chung, Kyo-il


An Incremental View Maintenance Approach Using Version Store in Warehousing Environment
AbdulAziz S. Almazyad, Mohammad Khubeb Siddiqui, Yasir Ahmad, Zafar Iqbal Khan
3. The Study of Synchronization Framework among Multi-datasets
Dongjin Yu, Wanqing Li

Gaspar-Cunha, António - Soft Computing in Industrial Applications, e-kirja

Soft Computing in Industrial Applications

Gaspar-Cunha, António


Improved Population-Based Incremental Learning in Continuous Spaces
Sujin Bureerat
7. Particle Swarm Optimization in the EDAs Framework
Valentino Santucci, Alfredo Milani
8. Differential Evolution Based Bi-Level Programming Algorithm for Computing Normalized

Park, James J. (Jong Hyuk) - Future Information Technology, e-kirja

Future Information Technology

Park, James J. (Jong Hyuk)


Evolving Mobile App Recommender Systems: An Incremental Multi-objective Approach
Xiao Xia, Xiaodong Wang, Xingming Zhou, Bo Liu
5. Project Proposals Ranking
Sylvia Encheva
6. A Stereo Micro Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Expectation-Maximization Technique