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Kalin, Nadine M. - The Neoliberalization of Creativity Education, e-kirja

The Neoliberalization of Creativity Education

Kalin, Nadine M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nadine M. Kalin
2. Educating the Artrepreneur
Nadine M. Kalin
3. Governmentality and Post-Fordist Art Education
Nadine M. Kalin
4. Radical Critique’s Challenge to Art Education
Nadine M. Kalin
5. Civic Literacy and Art Education: Resisting an Interpassive

Corry, Olaf - Constructing a Global Polity, e-kirja

Constructing a Global Polity

Corry, Olaf


Global Governmentality and the Domestic Analogy
Olaf Corry
4. Models of Political Structure in International Relations
Olaf Corry
5. What Is a (Global) Polity?
Olaf Corry
Part II. A Global Polity Under Construction?
6. Governing Globality

Hook, Derek - Foucault, Psychology and the Analytics of Power, e-kirja

Foucault, Psychology and the Analytics of Power

Hook, Derek


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Derek Hook
2. Disciplinarity and the Production of Psychological Individuality
Derek Hook
3. ‘Desubstantializing’ Power: Methodological Injunctions for Analysis
Derek Hook
4. Discourse, Knowledge, Materiality, History: Foucault and Discourse Analysis

Henman, Paul - Governing Electronically, e-kirja

Governing Electronically

Henman, Paul


The Governmentality of E-government
Paul Henman
Part II. Domains of E-government
4. E-Welfare
Paul Henman
5. E-Tax
Paul Henman
6. E-Health
Paul Henman
Part III. Reconfigurations of Government
7. Reconfiguring Public Administration

Enayat, Hadi - Islam and Secularism in Post-Colonial Thought, e-kirja

Islam and Secularism in Post-Colonial Thought

Enayat, Hadi


Violence, Governmentality and the ‘Othering’ of the Modern Nation-State
Hadi Enayat
4. Secular and Religious Reason and Islam as a ‘Discursive Tradition’
Hadi Enayat
5. Secularization Theory and its Discontents
Hadi Enayat
6. The Body,

Krause, Wanda - Women in Civil Society, e-kirja

Women in Civil Society

Krause, Wanda


Rentier Governmentality: Activism in UAE Women’s Organizations and Clubs
Wanda Krause
4. Women and Islamist Politics: Activism in Islamic-Oriented Associations
Wanda Krause
5. Women’s Activism through Networking
Wanda Krause
6. Women in

Bigo, Didier - Foucault and the Modern International, e-kirja

Foucault and the Modern International

Bigo, Didier


Power as Sumbolon: Sovereignty, Governmentality and the International
Mitchell Dean
7. Foucault and Method
Michael J. Shapiro
Part III. International?
8. Silencing Colonialism: Foucault and the International
Marta Fernández, Paulo Esteves

Mezzadra, Sandro - The Biopolitics of Development, e-kirja

The Biopolitics of Development

Mezzadra, Sandro


Biopolitics and Urban Governmentality in Mumbai
Manish K. Jha, P. K. Shajahan, Mouleshri Vyas
5. Where Is the Human in Human-Centred Approaches to Development? A Critique of Amartya Sen’s ‘Development as Freedom’
David Chandler
6. Beyond Bricks

Studdert, David - Rethinking Community Research, e-kirja

Rethinking Community Research

Studdert, David


Volunteering: Governmentality and Communal Meanings
David Studdert, Valerie Walkerdine
8. Community Policing
David Studdert, Valerie Walkerdine
9. Conclusion
David Studdert, Valerie Walkerdine