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Patterson, Kathleen - Leading an African Renaissance, e-kirja

Leading an African Renaissance

Patterson, Kathleen


Perspectives of Crisis: Corruption, Ebola, and Exploitive Leadership
4. Leading the Way in Battling Corruption
James D. Rose
5. Renaissance Disclosed: African Leadership in the Ebola Crisis of 2014
Jeff R. Hale
6. Three-dimensional African Leadership:

Amirian, Pouria - Big Data in Healthcare, e-kirja

Big Data in Healthcare

Amirian, Pouria


Table of contents
1. Introduction—Improving Healthcare with Big Data
Francois Loggerenberg, Tatiana Vorovchenko, Pouria Amirian
2. Data Science and Analytics
Pouria Amirian, Francois Loggerenberg, Trudie Lang
3. Big Data and Big Data Technologies
Pouria Amirian, Francois Loggerenberg, Trudie Lang

Amzat, Jimoh - Towards a Sociology of Health Discourse in Africa, e-kirja

Towards a Sociology of Health Discourse in Africa

Amzat, Jimoh


Table of contents
1. Key Concepts in Healthcare Delivery
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
2. The Right to Health in Africa
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
3. Healthcare Delivery Systems
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
4. Health Financing and Insurance in Africa
Jimoh Amzat, Oliver Razum
5. African Culture and

Fong, I. W. - Emerging Zoonoses, e-kirja

Emerging Zoonoses

Fong, I. W.


Table of contents
1. Pandemic Zoonoses from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
I. W. Fong
2. Animals and Mechanisms of Disease Transmission
I. W. Fong
3. Swine and Avian Influenza Outbreaks in Recent Times
I. W. Fong
4. Emerging Animal Coronaviruses: First SARS and Now MERS
I. W. Fong

Stave, Gregg M. - Physical and Biological Hazards of the Workplace, e-kirja

Physical and Biological Hazards of the Workplace

Stave, Gregg M.


Completely updated version this classic reference covers both physical hazards and biological agents
Provides updated information on protecting workers from proven and possible health risks from manual material handling, extremes of temperature and pressure, ionizing and non-ionizing (magnetic fields) radiation, shiftwork,

Evans, Nicholas H A - Histories of Post-Mortem Contagion, e-kirja

Histories of Post-Mortem Contagion

Evans, Nicholas H A


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Challenge of the Epidemic Corpse
Christos Lynteris, Nicholas H. A. Evans
2. Failed Ritual? Medieval Papal Funerals and the Death of Clement VI (1352)
Joëlle Rollo-Koster
3. Fear and the Corpse: Cholera and Plague Riots Compared
Samuel Cohn
4. Bloeming-Typhoidtein: