Haku "decentralisation"

Jayaram, N. - Social Dynamics of the Urban, e-kirja

Social Dynamics of the Urban

Jayaram, N.


Directed Decentralisation: Analysing the Experience of Decentralisation via JNNURM in Maharashtra
Amita Bhide
6. Crime in Calcutta: From Childhood in a Colonial Metropolis to Adulthood in a Globalised Megalopolis

Lindert, Paul - Decentralized Development in Latin America, e-kirja

Decentralized Development in Latin America

Lindert, Paul


The Impact of Decentralisation on Local Development: The Case of Bolivia
Gery Nijenhuis
6. Political Reforms and Local Development in the Bolivian Amazon
Martina Neuburger
7. The Changing Role of Farmers’ Organisations in Rural Development and

Harber, Clive - Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa, e-kirja

Schooling in Sub-Saharan Africa

Harber, Clive


Educational Management, Decentralisation and Privatisation
Clive Harber
9. Violence in Schools
Clive Harber
10. Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
Clive Harber
11. Educational Outcomes
Clive Harber
12. Contextual Differences in

Culpepper, Pepper D. - Changing France, e-kirja

Changing France

Culpepper, Pepper D.


The Ongoing March of Decentralisation within the Post-Jacobin State
Patrick Galès
10. The French Party System and the Crisis of Representation
Gérard Grunberg
11. Convergence, Fragmentation and Majority-Cycling in French Public Opinion

McLure, Michael - The Paretian School and Italian Fiscal Sociology, e-kirja

The Paretian School and Italian Fiscal Sociology

McLure, Michael


Fiscal Decentralisation: An Epilogue to Paretian Fiscal Thought
Michael McLure
10. Final Reflections on an Episode in Italian Thought
Michael McLure
Part II. Articles from the Giornale degli Economisti
11. The Science of Public Finance, Fiscal Law

Hlepas, Nikolaos-Komninos - Sub-Municipal Governance in Europe, e-kirja

Sub-Municipal Governance in Europe

Hlepas, Nikolaos-Komninos


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Decentralization Beyond the Municipal Tier
Nikos Hlepas, Norbert Kersting, Sabine Kuhlmann, Pawel Swianiewicz, Filipe Teles
2. Reaching Out to Sub-Municipal Decentralization: An Ongoing Challenge in Belgium
Ellen Wayenberg, Trui Steen
3. The “Little Town-Halls” in the

Grossman, David L. - Citizenship Curriculum in Asia and the Pacific, e-kirja

Citizenship Curriculum in Asia and the Pacific

Grossman, David L.


Citizenship Discourse in the Context of Decentralisation: The Case of Indonesia
Mary Fearnley-Sander, Ella Yulaelawati
8. The Building of a Nation and Ideas of Nationhood: Citizenship Education in Malaysia
Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid
9. Political Pragmatism