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Fitton, Laura - Twitter For Dummies, Mini Edition, e-kirja

Twitter For Dummies, Mini Edition

Fitton, Laura


Learn all the things you can do with Twitter!
Make new friends, promote a product or service, build a fan base, raise funds for your favorite charity, and be part of the hottest trend around! Let these experts teach you Twitter shorthand, show you how to sign up, help you follow and be

Dannen, Chris - Beginning iOS Apps with Facebook and Twitter APIs, e-kirja

Beginning iOS Apps with Facebook and Twitter APIs

Dannen, Chris


Table of contents
1. What the Social Graph Can Do for Your App
Chris Dannen, Christopher White
2. Privacy, Privacy, Privacy
Chris Dannen, Christopher White
3. Choose Your Weapon!
Chris Dannen, Christopher White
4. Getting Set Up
Chris Dannen, Christopher White
5. Working Securely with OAuth

Enbuske, Tuomas - Twitterkirja, e-kirja


Enbuske, Tuomas


Suomen tunnetuimmat, kokeneimmat ja innokkaimmat twiittaajat paljastavat, miten Twitter-palvelua ja muita sosiaalisen median välineitä kannattaa käyttää. He kertovat omista Twitter-kokemuksistaan ja vastaavat keskeisiin sosiaalista mediaa koskeviin

West, Patrick - Get Over Yourself, e-kirja

Get Over Yourself

West, Patrick


Many books have sought to introduce the writings of the infamous and influential philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, but Get Over Yourself puts matters the other way round. Rather than simply explaining his thought, it instead asks: what would Nietzsche…

Croucher, Mel - Last Orders, e-kirja

Last Orders

Croucher, Mel


This is a hands-on guide to discover how long you will live, what you’re worth and who gets what when you die. It takes you step by step through everything you need for a personal action plan, including your digital legacy, your will, your final years,…