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Kane, Andrew W. - Causality of Psychological Injury, e-kirja

Causality of Psychological Injury

Kane, Andrew W.


Table of contents
1. Causality, Psychological Injuries, and Court: Introduction
Gerald Young, Andrew W. Kane, Keith Nicholson
Section I.Causality and Psychological Evidence: Concepts, Terms, Issues
2. Causality in Psychology and Law
Gerald Young, Andrew W. Kane
3. Causality: Concepts, Issues, and Recommendations

Dalton, Thomas C. - The Life Cycle of Psychological Ideas, e-kirja

The Life Cycle of Psychological Ideas

Dalton, Thomas C.


Reconstructing Psychology’s Founding and Growth
1. New Growth from Phantom Limbs
Rand B. Evans
2. Lost Classics and Forgotten Contributors
Robert H. Wozniak
3. Reinventing the Past through Reinterpretation
John A. Popplestone
4. High-Impact

Verstegen, Ian - Arnheim, Gestalt and Art, e-kirja

Arnheim, Gestalt and Art

Verstegen, Ian


Table of contents
1. Why Arnheim? Why Gestalt?
2. Arnheim and Different Approaches to the Psychology of Art
3. Expression, Symbolism and Visual Thinking
4. The Senses, Perceptual Objects and Their Dynamics
5. The Notorious Gestalt Brain Model
6. The Dynamics of Pictorial, Sculptural and Architectural Form

Ashworth, Peter D. - Phenomenology and Psychological Science, e-kirja

Phenomenology and Psychological Science

Ashworth, Peter D.


Can an Empirical Psychology Be Drawn from Husserl’s Phenomenology?
Barbro Giorgi
5. Did Husserl Change His Mind?
Karin Dahlberg
6. Husserl Against Heidegger Against Husserl
Paul S. MacDonald
7. The Influence of Heidegger on Sartre’s Existential

Kokoszka, Andrzej - States of Consciousness, e-kirja

States of Consciousness

Kokoszka, Andrzej


Table of contents
1. General Presumptions and Concepts Referring to Consciousness and Its Altered States
Andrzej Kokoszka
2. Theoretical Inspirations
Andrzej Kokoszka
3. The Variety of Subjective Experience
Andrzej Kokoszka
4. Research on Altered States of Consciousness
Andrzej Kokoszka

Gergen, Kenneth J. - Meaning in Action, e-kirja

Meaning in Action

Gergen, Kenneth J.


Social Psychology and Literature: Toward Possible Correspondence
Alberta Contarello
19. Historical Conflict and Resolution between Japan and China: Developing and Applying a Narrative Theory of History and Identity
James H. Liu, Tomohide Atsumi

Richter, Dirk - Violence in Mental Health Settings, e-kirja

Violence in Mental Health Settings

Richter, Dirk


The Psychology and Sociology of the Violent Incident
2. Psychological Theories of Aggression: Principles and Application to Practice
Stâl Bjørkly
3. From the Individual to the Interpersonal: Environment and Interaction in the Escalation of Violence in