Haku "Management Science / Operations Research"

Fink, Andreas - Operations Research Proceedings 2016, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2016

Fink, Andreas


Revenue Management Meets Carsharing: Optimizing the Daily Business
Justine Broihan, Max Möller, Kathrin Kühne, Marc Sonneberg, Michael H. Breitner
57. Exogenous Capacity Changes in Airline Revenue Management: Quantifying

Hu, Bo - Operations Research Proceedings 2010, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2010

Hu, Bo


Robust Risk Management in Hydro-Electric Pumped Storage Plants
Apostolos Fertis, Lukas Abegg
17. Copulas, Goodness-of-Fit Tests and Measurement of Stochastic Dependencies Before and During the Financial Crisis
Peter Grundke, Simone Dieckmann
18. Confidence

Brandeau, Margaret L. - Operations Research and Health Care, e-kirja

Operations Research and Health Care

Brandeau, Margaret L.


Supply Chain Management of Blood Banks
William P. Pierskalla
6. Evaluating the Efficiency of Hospitals’ Perioperative Services Using Dea
Liam O’Neill, Franklin Dexter
7. Benchmarking Using DEA: The Case of Mental Health Organizations

Fleischmann, Bernhard - Operations Research Proceedings 2008, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2008

Fleischmann, Bernhard


Scheduling Component Placement Operations for Collect-and-Place Type PCB Assembly Machines
Özgür Kulak, Serol Bulkan, Hans-Otto Günther
23. Scheduling of Multiple R&D{Projects in a Dynamic and Stochastic Environment
Philipp Melchiors, Rainer Kolisch

Ballerio, Noela - WCOM (World Class Operations Management), e-kirja

WCOM (World Class Operations Management)

Ballerio, Noela


Change Management and Leadership
Mark Goodwin
18. Performance Behavior
Neil Webers
19. Shingo Model
Mark Baker
20. TWI (Training Within Industry)
Rajinder Singh, Noela Ballerio
Part IV. Conclusion
21. Key Patterns for a Common Approach

Alt, Francis B. - Perspectives in Operations Research, e-kirja

Perspectives in Operations Research

Alt, Francis B.


Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards: Reflections on Definitions of Operations Research by Morse and Kimball
Richard Larson
6. Ben Franklin: America’s First Operations Researcher
Bruce L. Golden
7. Good Management,

Zaric, Gregory S. - Operations Research and Health Care Policy, e-kirja

Operations Research and Health Care Policy

Zaric, Gregory S.


Project Management Approach to Implement Clinical Pathways: An Example for Thyroidectomy
Yasar A. Ozcan, Elena Tànfani, Angela Testi
6. EMS Planning and Management
Armann Ingolfsson
7. Impact of Inpatient Reimbursement Systems on Hospital Performance: