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Bourbaki, Nicolas - Elements of Mathematics, e-kirja

Elements of Mathematics

Bourbaki, Nicolas


Table of contents
1. Cartan Subalgebras and Regular Elements
2. Split Semi-simple Lie Algebras
3. Compact Real Lie Groups
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Iwasa, Yoh - Mathematics for Life Science and Medicine, e-kirja

Mathematics for Life Science and Medicine

Iwasa, Yoh


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Studies of Dynamics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases
Yoh Iwasa, Kazunori Sato, Yasuhiro Takeuchi
2. Basic Knowledge and Developing Tendencies in Epidemic Dynamics
Zhien Ma, Jianquan Li
3. Delayed…

Bosma, Wieb - Discovering Mathematics with Magma, e-kirja

Discovering Mathematics with Magma

Bosma, Wieb


Table of contents
1. Some computational experiments in number theory
Wieb Bosma
2. Applications of the class field theory of global fields
Claus Fieker
3. Some ternary Diophantine equations of signature (n, n, 2)
Nils Bruin

Klazar, Martin - Topics in Discrete Mathematics, e-kirja

Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Klazar, Martin


Table of contents
Part I. Algebra, Geometry, Numbers
1. Countable Almost Rigid Heyting Algebras
Michael E. Adams, Aleš Pultr
2. Piecewise-Bohr Sets of Integers and Combinatorial Number Theory
Vitaly Bergelson, Hillel Furstenberg, Benjamin…

Martzloff - A History of Chinese Mathematics, e-kirja

A History of Chinese Mathematics



Table of contents
Part I. The Context of Chinese Mathematics
1. The Historiographical Context
2. The Historical Context
3. The Notion of Chinese Mathematics
4. Applications of Chinese Mathematics
5. The Structure of Mathematical Works

Charpentier, Éric - Kolmogorov’s Heritage in Mathematics, e-kirja

Kolmogorov’s Heritage in Mathematics

Charpentier, Éric


Table of contents
1. The youth of Andrei Nikolaevich and Fourier series
Jean-Pierre Kahane
2. Kolmogorov’s contribution to intuitionistic logic
Thierry Coquand
3. Some aspects of the probabilistic work
Loïc Chaumont, Laurent…

Jäger, Willi - Mathematics – Key Technology for the Future, e-kirja

Mathematics – Key Technology for the Future

Jäger, Willi


Table of contents
1. Numerical Simulation of Multiscale Models for Radio Frequency Circuits in the Time Domain
Uwe Feldmann
2. Numerical Simulation of High-Frequency Circuits in Telecommunication
Martin Bodestedt, Caren Tischendorf

Maz’ya, Vladimir - Sobolev Spaces In Mathematics I, e-kirja

Sobolev Spaces In Mathematics I

Maz’ya, Vladimir


Table of contents
1. My Love Affair with the Sobolev Inequality
David R. Adams
2. Maximal Functions in Sobolev Spaces
Daniel Aalto, Juha Kinnunen
3. Hardy Type Inequalities via Riccati and Sturm–Liouville Equations
Sergey Bobkov,…