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Breyer, Yvonne A. - Success in Higher Education, e-kirja

Success in Higher Education

Breyer, Yvonne A.


The Role of Leadership Education: Benefits and Challenges for At-Risk Students
Ralph A. Gigliotti
Part III. Transitions from University
12. Three Modes of Work-Integrated Learning: Stories of Success
Leanne Carter, Jennifer Ruskin, Ashleigh Cassilles

Paulsen, Michael B - Economics of Higher Education, e-kirja

Economics of Higher Education

Paulsen, Michael B


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert K. Toutkoushian, Michael B. Paulsen
2. Overview of Economic Reasoning and Terminology
Robert K. Toutkoushian, Michael B. Paulsen
3. Student Investment in Higher Education
Robert K. Toutkoushian, Michael B. Paulsen
4. Private and Social Returns to Higher Education

Arrows, Four - Differing Worldviews in Higher Education, e-kirja

Differing Worldviews in Higher Education

Arrows, Four


Table of contents
1. An Intellectual Adventure
Four Arrows, Walter Block
2. Academic Freedom
Four Arrows, Walter Block
3. Ecological Justice
Four Arrows, Walter Block
4. Wealth Distribution
Four Arrows, Walter Block

Hồ, Tiên Thị Hạnh - Higher Education in Vietnam, e-kirja

Higher Education in Vietnam

Hồ, Tiên Thị Hạnh


Table of contents
1. Education for Flexibility, Practicality and Mobility
Lý Thị Trần, Simon Marginson
Part I. Students and Structures
2. Higher and Tertiary Education in Vietnam
Hoàng Minh Đỗ, Quyên Thị Ngọc Đỗ
3. Towards more Flexible Organization
Hoàng Minh Đỗ
4. Curriculum

Smith, Larry - Higher Education in Saudi Arabia, e-kirja

Higher Education in Saudi Arabia

Smith, Larry


The Learning Experiences of Saudi Arabian Higher Education Leadership: Characteristics for Global Success
Omar Al-Swailem, Geoffrey Elliott
5. Delivering High-Quality Teaching and Learning for University Students in Saudi

Molla, Tebeje - Higher Education in Ethiopia, e-kirja

Higher Education in Ethiopia

Molla, Tebeje


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tebeje Molla
Part I. Context
2. Higher Education Development in Ethiopia: A Brief Historical Account
Tebeje Molla
3. Aid and Reform
Tebeje Molla
Part II. Problem
4. Repressive Gender Culture
Tebeje Molla
5. Peripherality and Educational Disadvantage

Musselin, Christine - Reforming Higher Education, e-kirja

Reforming Higher Education

Musselin, Christine


The Complexities of Policy Design in Higher Education – Some Lessons from Comparative Research
5. Reforming Portuguese Public Sector: A Route from Health to Higher Education
Teresa Carvalho, Sofia Bruckmann
6. The

Ennew, Christine T. - The Globalization of Higher Education, e-kirja

The Globalization of Higher Education

Ennew, Christine T.


Internationalization of Higher Education: A Few Global Trends and Regional Perspectives
Eva Egron-Polak
6. Around the World in 80 Ways: Routes to Internationalization in Higher Education
Christine T. Ennew
7. Global